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  1. Your obviously not understanding the context of what I said... At least I expected you not to since not participating in a event means you are ignorant, hateful etc.
  2. Ffs it was a bad example and bad choice of words but you know exactly what I mean. When I said "bash" it qas verbally not literally. Geez
  3. It could be religion or it could be he simply doesn't support it. But does that make him homophobic or hateful as you are suggesting?
  4. So your saying he is scared of the LGBTQ+? He is hateful and ignorant because he does not support that group? This new generation of people are ignorant and think they are entitled to everything. Why don't we have a group for straight people? Why can't we bash on them for not being straight. But when it comes to Pride night, we have to show respect and support them or else you are ignorant and hateful? You are being ignorant for calling him hateful and ignorant because he doesn't slap on a jersey and support a group.
  5. This is what is wrong with the world these days. How are his ideas sick and harmful? Why do you have to be forced to support a group? Are they entitled to have everyone support them? Then what difference does that make from White priveledge then?
  6. Is it fair to say our management has failed when it hasn't been 1 full season for them yet? And the fact they inherited this roster with the cap issues and contracts? It is just too premature to say they havent done anything. Yes your right that he did have Crosby and Malkin, but it takes a team to win the Stanley Cup. PA and JR won 3 times.
  7. Our Management as in the ones who have won 3 Stanley Cups?
  8. Man its clear Petey is a 1C. He is the one that gets this team going. Sorry but Bo is as good as gone.
  9. Wait, let me get this straight. You think Bo deserves 8M because of Respect? And did you also bring in plus/minuses to justify Bo being a 8M dollar player as well? I mentioned this before, I believe the plan was to sign JT and Bo but that is impossible now since he is on a heater scoring goals since the end of last season.
  10. Highly doubt the consequences will be that bad. Horvat couldn't do anything with this team since he began playing here. Not a knock on him, absolutely the managements fault. But just saying, what's the worst that can happen that we haven't seen yet? Bottom 3 in NHL standings? Sure, I think most might even welcome it.
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