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  1. 4-2 Nucks Gwg - Pettersson 1st on Krak - Miller
  2. Man this roster is completely overhauled with core intact. Going to do some serious damage this season. Benning promised he was going to be aggresive and he delivered in huge way with a statement.
  3. Quick question guys. So we have roughly 26 mil in cap atm. Is that including Ferland on LTIR or no? If it isnt included, we are looking pretty good with all that cap.
  4. Absolutely agree! Would love it if he could sign for less and play a lesser role then retire a nuck.
  5. He would be Bo's wing. Our top 6 would be set. And Bo finally has a legit winger.
  6. They are a good story and I get your point. But TBH, they are no threat at all to win the cup IMO. No way they get past TB. And if they do, they need to go through VGK. No way that is happening.
  7. Fabien Lysell could be a possibility. A little small but can do wonders with the puck.
  8. A lot of players are having down years. So to label Pearson a 11 point player with the contract he just signed just doesn't make sense. I get it, you don't like the contract. As for Holtby, I noticed you labelled him as a 4 plus million backup after the fact. How did you honestly feel when we signed him last summer? Look I get your frustration, there are alota people who don't like the Pearson signing but i'm just saying the signing isn't as bad as it seems. As for the latter, I think most of us all thought that was a decent signing.
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