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  1. He would need to play one more year in College to be eligible for free agency. He looks ready for the big show next year. I highly doubt he goes back to College and wastes another year there just to be able to become a free agent...
  2. So the Sedins are going to resign for Vancouver for $2-3 million to play on the third line? Sorry I just can't see that happening...
  3. Phil Kessel is third in scoring in Pittsburgh behind two future hall of famers with 60 points, 20 points more than Hank and 24 points more than Dank. Pittsburgh must have an amazing third line. The Canucks will not have room on their third line for 2 38 year old declining veterans. And how much will you be paying them to play on the third line, $5 million each? I'm sure they could command that salary if they were to go to another team to play in the top 6. The Sedins are not going to be our THIRD line in 2019. I can almost guarantee it...
  4. So the Sedins would be our checking line? I don't think that is gonna happen. We need two scoring lines and a strong checking line to go up against the top players in the league. Plus a 4th line energy line. The Sedins cannot be a third line option on any team. They need to play in the top 6 or not at all, especially at 38 years old. I can just imagine how much slower they will be in two years. This is a young mans game now and speed rules.
  5. I don't see the Sedins playing another 3-4 years, especially with the Canucks. I think they are done with the Canucks after next year. We have way too many kids that need to be integrated into the team for the full rebuild to take effect. Boeser, Gaudette, Virtanen, Dahlen. And of course whoever we draft next year. Not to mention we will probably trade one or our excess D for a top 6 forward. The Sedins are legends in Vancouver and their jerseys will go up in the rafters. But every dog has their day. Even Gretzky retired at 38, which is what the Sedins will be when their con
  6. It's much harder to score in the NCAA than it is in the WHL. Gaudette as a 20 year old is tied for 6th in scoring with 52 points. Jimmy Vesey in his best year as a 21 year old got 58 points.
  7. Yes and people need to remember that Eriksson is only one year removed from a 30 goal season. I think his lack of goal production this year has more to do with the "system" Willie has in place and his never ending shuffling of lines than Eriksson losing his scoring touch. Radim Vrbata is a perfect example of this. Vrbata has already almost doubled his point production from last year and still has 16 games to go.
  8. Boeser and Gaudette. The 2015 draft could turn out to be one of the best ever for the Canucks. 2014 isn't looking too shabby either.
  9. That is probably true. They will move RNH eventually. I just think the best move right now is to move an excess D man, most likely Tanev, and then go from there. Sutter can always be traded at a later date. I'm sure he'd waive his no trade to go somewhere else if needed. But I'd like to keep him around right now as Gaudette has not proven anything yet, neither has Gaunce, and we are thin down the middle once Hank's contract expires.
  10. Well that would be the problem. Do you really want Edmonton, our arch rival, to have the strongest 1-2-3 punches in the league??
  11. I just hate the idea of dealing with Edmonton. Plus I highly doubt they take Sutter straight up for RNH. They would want more in that deal.
  12. That's a very good point and idea. I doubt Vegas would take Edler, The only concern would be the "optics" of exposing him. Maybe he demands a trade because of it. Hey, that idea is now looking alot better...
  13. Well he isn't a #1 yet but I believe he has the potential. We are not getting a legit current #1 centre off any team unless Boeser, Demko or Juolevi are involved. With Strome at least he has the potential, which is what you want. I believe Strome has more potential then RNH to be a top line centre in the NHL. I'm not interested in a Domi or Drouin. If we make a trade I want a legit potential #1 centre in return. That is the one thing we don't have in the system. Bo can be a #1A or a #2, but we need someone to compliment him as a one two punch.
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