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  1. looking at his stats, hes had a amazing whl career and a decent ahl points, seems like he would drop em for the team, but dunno if we need another unless the canucks grab him for ahl team
  2. one of our players starting to do well with SJ, didnt wanna make a thread about it, so posting here , now i wonder if the 2 players we traded away may follow suit
  3. Montreal also having a hard time, minus price, allen still a decent goalie ..so we not the onlyones struggling ...struggles will happen alot of games to go
  4. If we had someone like gallant and his experience we would be a better team so agree, think maybe time for a new coach, green is a good coach im sure, just not for what the canucks need atm
  5. ahahahaahhaa you are very funny, thanks for the laugh, i needed it after this horrid of a game
  6. Now Anderson will stop all our shots, like most goalies do...ie detroit one
  7. i knew our def game would be bad since they kept him on , most feel the nucks wont make the playofs with there current def , im kinda believing them
  8. Our def and PP is so freaking horrible , its gonna be our downfall this year
  9. HECK NO, alex been great for us thus far, komarov is garbage and overpaid
  10. we woulda tied it if hoglander didnt interfere with the goalie , no way Greiss had that shot, hogs fault ...to close to goalie
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