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  1. x00x

    Coaching Next Season

    YES NO NO YES Please get rid of baum and brown, and i dont mind keeping green for another year, hopefully they hire the head coach from utica as a assistant and someone else with a brain, brown and baum in the coaching staff we will NEVER be competitive
  2. x00x

    The Abbotsford ______

    Jersey colors need to change arent u all tired of the same ole white/blue green never been a fan of the current canucks jerseys, so for the AHL team, a new refreshing color would be nice
  3. ya i know, at this point, wont matter, just get him a couple shifts , get alittle wet, than play on a line FT next time ...nothing to lose really but to see the kids play and see who might be ready to move up
  4. Wilson needs to be banned from the NHL, hes had so many chances and a another suspension will do nothing, as he will continue his BS play...and with what happened with the NY rangers, enough is enough with this guy
  5. we tank every year, and every year we rebuilding, our rebuilding will be endless and forever, 1000 bucks says we will never have a stanley cup team, unless things change behind the scenes
  6. why would he play? he just got called up....he would need practice time
  7. I knew tryamkin wouldnt comeback lol, even posted this in several posts, he a khler for life
  8. whitecaps still cant score or do anything offensively ...when i saw we were down 0-1 , i knew we were fooked...very little scoring chances
  9. doubt we will win many more games, if any , why i want all the kids to play ....let the vets go on vacation and play the kids, like DiPietro etc
  10. yup, why i feel we need a new coaches, green maybe a great coach oneday, i just dont think hes that in van, again i could be wrong...i just want gallant so bad i guess lol
  11. yup, greens system didnt work for him, and im sure for other players currently on the roster
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