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  1. wish aqua would buy the whitecaps so we can actually field a team to compete, but not these backwater players who can barely play ( minus a couple players ) but in all seriousness, if whitecaps had a owner like aqua we would field a always decent team that would compete, but as it stands, we will always be farming the bottom rankings than Vancouver would have a good hockey/soccer team
  2. i wouldnt be shocked if seatle does become better than the canucks lol , if things go aswell as it did like the LV when they came into the league
  3. and this is why YOU are a fan and not a GM! and so glad JB dont listen to people here and does what he feels is best for his hockey team
  4. Seems alex edler gonna test free agency
  5. i am gonna laugh so hard if he becomes the missing piece for there cup drive and actually win it lol, all the haters on this forum are funny, hes a good player even now, and all hes gonna do is help the oilers
  6. Would love to have keith, but he would cost alot salarywise, so he would have to take a smaller cut like some of the vets in toronto did
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