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  1. we woulda tied it if hoglander didnt interfere with the goalie , no way Greiss had that shot, hogs fault ...to close to goalie
  2. NO, alex chiasson and miller ( miller is top point man atm too ) has been great aswell ....
  3. HORRIBLE WIN, but i guess a win is a win, we shoulda won 4-2 , but late game badness made it 4-4
  4. Think we the only canadian hockey franchise who still doesnt allow 100%, nto sure why since all the other canadian teams have lifted it , i know edmon, montreal lifited theres, and toronto ...dunno about cal/ottawa
  5. ahahaha no strome worth more , and doubt they would want those 2 anyway
  6. PODZ isnt ready for the NHL, and mark my words he will probbaly get little ice time or will get sent to the AHL for further development , so cry more about his lack of play time if it happens , alex if he deserves more play time than podz , than alex gets more, if podz shocks me and plays great, than he will get the play time ...
  7. he was one of the best canucks in the preseason, i feeel he deserves a shot, he did well, he had his oopsidaiseys , but deserves a shot ...as for pod, he looked lost out there minus one game ..shocked he wasnt sent to AHL
  8. Losing to Edmon and they didnt even have there top 2 scorers in there, is very scary
  9. oilers arent even playing there 2 top stars and we getting rekt, personally not looking forward to the start of the season, this preseason been horrible for vancouver
  10. Jebus, please canucks stop taking penalties WOW
  11. Hope not, if he fails with the SJ and already failed with the canucks why keep a failed experiment lol, i doubt we would regrab him if he did go on waivers from SJ lol
  12. tears were? speaking the truth? , maybe they your tears since you crying over my response
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