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  1. What Jim is saying can't be overstated. The players in the dressing room appreciate the upgrade without losing a roster player. As a team claws its way back into the playoffs, asset management in its purest sense has to be put on the back burner. If we did in fact pay a little too much in futures for a rental, the players love it and it could be the difference between an emotional letdown where a 2 game losing streak extends to 6, and a team that shows resiliency and bounces back as they have done so far this year. Our talented young core could care less about losing a second round pick that m
  2. Linden fought once. Maybe twice in his career. lost badly. Played hard every shift. Was a great captain as was Stan.
  3. Kole Lind is very young. Born in 1998. I thought he looked good out there. Good speed, skill and smarts. We will see him in the NHL once our young core signs long term and we need inexpensive complimentary players. I expect a marked improvement in the AHL this year, especially in the second half.
  4. The goal wasn't that great and I have always wondered why it is so iconic. Bobby Orr was the greatest defenceman ever by a mile but the goal wasn't pivotal to the series for starters. That goal sealed a Boston sweep. If St. Louis had scored in overtime the series would have been 3-1. Also, the playoff format was original 6 on one side (division) and expansion on the other. It would be the equivalent of present day top 16 playing to find a finalist and the bottom 16 playing for a finalist and the 2 meeting in the finals. It was stupid. During the 3 years of this established teams against expans
  5. I think they feel he has earned the right to stay up.Reminds me of Motte being eligible to be sent down this year but kicked the door down and made them keep him up even if it wasn't the best asset management. I think the same for Jake last year at this time.
  6. Hope this ok to do but want to give a shout out to the "Farmies" on Canucks Reddit to anyone interested in our prospects. Good quality video with a full commentary on the game.
  7. I think Nic Dowd was more valuable than Gaunce. I think they were waiting to see if they signed Beagle before they decided on what they would do with Dowd. I expect Gaunce to clear waivers and start the year in Utica if he doesn't light it up in the preseason.
  8. While they may have a better idea of players, outlandish controversy sells and you can expect what they say to be more about that than an honest evaluation.
  9. Nobody will trade the first overall. Not when it's generational.
  10. He's bigger and younger than Doud but I prefer Doud. I doubt we sign Doud but I think he's a good depth player.
  11. Granlund and Sutter can pot you 20 goals. I think you want to move them up the line up.
  12. I'm surprised that nobody is making more of the previous games overtime goal. It was clearly goaltender interference.
  13. 2 for 1 is a pipe dream. More like something of almost the same value plus something you don't want to give away. ( 2 rd pick or high end prospect)
  14. I saw Matthew Phillips last year and agree, he was dynamic.I will be watching his career progression with interest.
  15. Some people think Bobby Orr was pretty good too.
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