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  1. Let’s hit a Blazers game or maybe your jr team’s?

    1. CeeBee51


      Well, we had season tickets to the Chase Heat but didn't make many games. In the cold and flue season I have to avoid any chance of catching something.  Last year I caught a cold from my grandson and ended up in ER for 3 days with a collapsed lung. I have a rare inherited genetic condition which has thrashed my liver and lungs. No cure, no treatment other than to treat the symptoms. sooner or later I'll need a liver transplant but I may not be a candidate because of the condition itself or my age. Anyway, sorry to bore you with my problems. I would love  to have gone to a game but I'm afraid at this point in time I just can't take that chance.  Main thing is, inspite of differences we may have on certain Canuck matters, we are all Canuck fans and want the same thing :)



    2. 189lb enforcers?

      189lb enforcers?

      I’m a hockey fan first, Canucks second. 

      I live up by Costco in Kamloops.

      See you around. 

  2. I think it would cool if you could put a Lahey theme into your GDT.

    A lot of us would drink to that.