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  1. Has anyone watched the Plandemic movie trailer at Plandemic movie dot com? I don’t know how to post it, but I saw it on bitchute. I watched it and it’s kind of something I can’t get out of my head right now. Judy Mikovitz, discredited super-scientist, has some disturbing allegations about the virus and those who stand to profit from it being the ones heading up places like the CDC. Might take some of you out of your (dis)comfort zone.
  2. To be fair, or realistic at least, those with greater health risks are likely doing a great job of isolating, as are their service providers, etc. Is that 2/3 of the population? I doubt it. Ensuring communities are isolating the right demographic is where the focus should be instead of a conversation meant to rat out or shame teenagers at the beach, but that’s not what the message has been from the top. It’s absolutely shameful that this approach wasn’t first applied to those homes for the elderly. Those practices should have already been in place. That is the one silver lining in all of this; people being acutely aware of the devastation caused by bringing illness to these facilities.
  3. Do like I have and delete that last part of your post, fast, unless you want that spot gone for good.
  4. Sure. That’s what it’s all about right, saving face. The thread and several of its ultra Liberal supporters remind me so much of Chris Cuomo, CNN and why I poke fun at it all. I know you probably didn’t watch the first video, but at least this one is funny. Give it a go. Let’s get into the right mindset to look at CNN... take a deep breath.
  5. Are we trying to be like the movie District 9? Homeless Nation, incoming, if you let it. Lol Trump has been the only guy I’ve heard make reasonable suggestions, and that’s saying something. Fear. Be panicked, be the pandemic. Silver lining in any of this is that maybe sick people are forced to self isolate, especially for those considering going to homes of the elderly.
  6. Discussion on news and discoveries in Archaeology. Post your information here. I’m an amateur hack, learning as I go, finding alternative sources interesting and challenging the prevailing views. Some things are interesting, like the changing dates which man is said to have been around for in certain areas of the world, genetics and past civilizations. It’s a broad field. Alternative sources are also interesting. Some are so far out there that I can’t quite figure it out. I’ve learned a fair bit from these though. I started at looking at North America for the earliest signs of occupation. It’s been quite the journey. That took me into looking into the hominids and down rabbit holes. Now I’m hooked and realize how truly ignorant I am concerning my understanding of the world and our place in it. I think we are much older and more capable of a species than I’ve been taught, hence the thread. Obscure, unpublished data would be appreciated as well. Lecturing and condescending discussion, not so much. I hope this thread stays respectful and doesn’t turn into a thread of political divisions or persecution of thought.
  7. Let’s hit a Blazers game or maybe your jr team’s?

    1. CeeBee51


      Well, we had season tickets to the Chase Heat but didn't make many games. In the cold and flue season I have to avoid any chance of catching something.  Last year I caught a cold from my grandson and ended up in ER for 3 days with a collapsed lung. I have a rare inherited genetic condition which has thrashed my liver and lungs. No cure, no treatment other than to treat the symptoms. sooner or later I'll need a liver transplant but I may not be a candidate because of the condition itself or my age. Anyway, sorry to bore you with my problems. I would love  to have gone to a game but I'm afraid at this point in time I just can't take that chance.  Main thing is, inspite of differences we may have on certain Canuck matters, we are all Canuck fans and want the same thing :)



    2. 189lb enforcers?

      189lb enforcers?

      I’m a hockey fan first, Canucks second. 

      I live up by Costco in Kamloops.

      See you around. 

  8. I think it would cool if you could put a Lahey theme into your GDT.

    A lot of us would drink to that.