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  1. I have one strike left before a ban, Deb. If I ever want to cash it in, you can bet it will spent be during a discussion with you. I’m not interested in anything you post, you know that. I don’t care about or read anything you say on here and since I can’t put a Mod on ignore... Go away.
  2. I really hope Podz is a character leader and not a clone of Horvat’s either. The team needs an identity so badly. These distractions, dating back to the Cooke days, then the biting and hit-pulling crap... then the power-choke slam of the superstar, skinny rookie... Edler... you know, I’m just done with it. JB was apparently drafting character guys, well, who? Gaud? McCann? I don’t know if it’s getting better lately, but that’s not being mentioned enough lately. Where is the character? I was hoping for a massive, character game from them tonight, bu
  3. Well, oh my #@$&... This will be nationwide. Will this team ever stop being a circus act?
  4. Bandwagoner. lol j/k You and the other JV user names better run for cover... Orca doesn’t want to associated with you. Suspension incoming in ... 3... 2... 1...
  5. I’m not at all for censorship, but appreciate where you’re coming from. ... When I see the media release which rather explicitly separates Orca from Jake, because of an allegation, I am forced to realize that something like that, is what ruins peoples lives, not us, gossipers. The Canucks have essentially left Jake out in the open for the vultures. It happens all the time. An allegation happens and then the person who it’s made against is treated like a disease until the court stuff is over. And what happens when it’s not true, or there’s no conviction?
  6. Hmmm, I’ve heard... mostly on here... McCann had character issues. Gawd did too. Maybe Jake does. Videogame gate? JB drafts character... ? Not looking so good.
  7. Just remember, you are innocent until proven guilty... Not. Consider what is happening here an imagine if it were yourself. This info might all be true, but sometimes it’s not, which is an aside I’m making, not defending Jake.
  8. You’re right, and I recall us discussing this before. I think that the best way to start to entice back that kind of community knowledge is to get some new moderators who are capable of leading or and least engaging in those kinds of threads or ideas. Why I say this would be a great place to start is because I think that the capacity of a moderator to promote key ideas and behaviour on here is paramount to changing the culture. A brilliant communicator like oldnews, with showings from others could definitely provide value here beyond feelz and emocons, but I think it has
  9. Captain Horvat time. Miller Time. I think we’ll see character this time. They’re due. I don’t care about the W, I rarely do since the days of when they’re were ridiculous sissies, I just want them to play like Linden would have and carry the flag of the V with guts.
  10. You are amongst those 3 posters which I’d considered when I made a nearly identical post.
  11. Always a good read/post from you, sir. Maybe you responded already in the thread to rate the job TG has done as HC, I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m curious what you’d say. Ultimately, I am not interested in what posters think on here, but rather how they think, which is why I made the post to which you responded. As you will see in the thread, there is almost zero, as in an embarrassingly big nothing of collective knowledge, being posted in here in regards to an informed assessment of the HC duties. So far, this is what’s here: “developing young players” ”timeouts”
  12. “Nobody saw it” Probably the same team as said that last time.
  13. Thanks for keeping JB. Best stealth tank, ever.
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