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  1. Serviceable depth Dman. Appreciated his game for what it was, which was just what the team needed and received. He will go down as a good Canuck memory for most of us. Good luck to him.
  2. Most expensive rebuild in NHL history? I think so, or as close to as makes no difference. If that’s how you consistently pick top 5-7, then what’s the point of managing the roster in the first place? Mismanagement offers similar results re Coilers. I get that people will want to support the GM, but perhaps at least some of that support should go to the owner who spent to the cap, during a rebuild phase. Without that lunch money, where would JB be? Swap Francis and JB five/six years ago as GM. Francis did a lot on a budget. JB picked high at the cap. Aquaman deserves a lot more respect and understanding on here than he gets, IMO. Without him, ouch.
  3. EP Toews/ Horvat Beagle I dunno man, that’s championship caliber stuff.
  4. Shout-out to Aquaman’s cheque book... JB’s saving grace.
  5. I wouldn’t have the Sedins. I’d want to win, so... Linden EP Bure Almo Bert Naslund Pretty simple.
  6. Aquaman’s cheque Book was a big part of The Plan. Imagine if Francis had been given that kind of money in Carolina? Poor guy.
  7. He’s a solid guy. His trophy cabinet probably has more hardware in it than 99% of all NHLers, ever.
  8. Good for him. Made the most of his attributes and did it in the NHL’s toilet. That takes character. Good people and family. He probably just made more in that one year than his dad did in his entire career. Happy for the BCer.
  9. Good signing, but how does it help with the ED, etc? Good price.
  10. Is anyone else struggling to contain their inner Sean Avery right about now?
  11. Good read. We probably disagree some on Sundin, who was like Iginla in that he was basically a one-man-team. Sundin rarely had any decent wingers. I mean, certainly no Almo, like LaFontaine or whatever. He had guys like Steen. Yawn. Lol Anyways, thanks for another trip down memory lane, bud.
  12. There aren’t many pivots I’d pick ahead of Sundin, beyond the obvious. His play and his character were a full measure of excellence. Those were the days. Now, the league has some comparables, but it’s a stretch. Who is today’s Lindros? Sundin? Trottier? Let alone Lemieux. I feel lucky to have had those experiences and even though I like watching EP, he’s not even close to even a Modano right now. My favourites were all the physical players, like Lindros, and even Sundin, who was an absolute bull and I’m sure his physical stats were not accurate. The guy was an absolute force, just didn’t fight or maim, but could do everything with three players literally hanging from him, I always thought he had one of the best shots in the game. His wrister or snapper were Bure good. Nostalgic. That era was incredible.