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  1. Stay the course! Nobody can get it done like jimbo! Seven more years!
  2. I agree with everything. Seven more years!
  3. You definitely deserve this then. I’m happy for you.
  4. So two years removed from back to back first place overall finishes, you’re just done. It’s over. Need time away. Seven years of Jethro Bodine bumbling around and herpaderping this franchise into irrelevance… NO PROBLEM HELL YEAH GO CANUCKS GO BABY WOOOOOOOOOOOO
  5. Owner- rampantly meddling trust fund baby loser Management- pure, concentrated, gotta see it to believe it incompetence Fans still supporting this regime- I don’t want to finish the sentence. You know who you are.
  6. Am I to believe that in the last five games, while compiling 13 points, McDavid was beaten by RNH’s plus one plus minus?
  7. The Canucks have ten such contracts currently on the books either given out by or acquired by Benning. I think those are the ones you’re “hearing”.
  8. There is very ugly history between Ron McLean specifically but also the CBC and the Canucks over the refereeing. Alex Burrows revealed something very underhanded a referee had done to him and ron mclean absolutely crucified him for it, to the point the Canucks pulled their players from interviewing for CBC.
  9. Let me tell you a story. Sportsnet 650 used to have Ron McLean on as a guest on their Vancouver market morning show every Friday. Ron hasn’t been on in a while, maybe 4-6 Fridays in a row. Do you know when the first Friday was that Ron was no longer a guest on Vancouver radio? The very same Friday that followed Tim Peel accidentally outing the refereeing brethren as game managers who decide when and what should be a penalty, rulebook be damned, to keep the game going to their personal liking. Funny how Ron McLean, Patron Saint of all holy referees, Saints and angels all of them, wasn’t any lon
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