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  1. I'm just gonna add, as a person who lives in Ottawa and has for the last 17 years, I only go to the Canucks games because of how far the rink is and how impractical it is to get there and come back. What should be a pretty easy 4 hours total turns into a 6 hour hellfest, impacting your next day. Unless you live in Kanata, it's just not worth going unless the Sens are doing well, or Ovi, McDavid and Crosby are coming into town.
  2. I've found Dickinson to be exactly as advertised. Strong defensive 3/4C with lots of grit and ready to kill tons of penalties. I've liked what I've seen
  3. As much as some posters on here would like to think the contrary, we are looking extremely good to start the season. Elite OEL is back and that change alone has made our team so much better
  4. 2 things here; successful teams lose players because of depth. I'm glad we have that problem and not the problems we had 4 years ago MacEwen became very underrated during this training camp. He was a terrific 4th liner / 13th forward, young, strong, and could actually keep up with the play. We will miss him I'm sure.
  5. I'm expecting a huge year for him. Somewhere in the 90 range but I wouldn't even be surprised if he eclipsed 100. We often forget how special of a player he is.
  6. 4 A's?? is that 2 home 2 away? Seems unnecessary... i know we went that route for a while but iirc that was when Hank retired no? Gio was the obvious and right choice. No surprises here
  7. Not surprised a foreign unbiased source would say this. We've become the punching bag of the NA media and their pundits. We have a seriously deep squad with tons of potential in every single position. We are gonna make waves and ridicule this pathetic division
  8. This makes all the TO signings look even worse lol. barkov is a phenomenal talent and this is a steal for florida. Hope they can do something meaningful !
  9. Seemed like the Oilers had a lot to prove to themselves physically tonight.. almost like they realize that they got absolutely manhandled in the playoffs. Still, I find McDavid quite pathetic with his antics regularly, and going after a rookie and going for the neck etc etc.... just shows how much of a dirty player he really is. What a pouty diva.
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