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  1. I was more talking about the whinging about; - Anderson not deserving the delay of game penalty - Anderson not deserving of his roughing penalty - Kotkaniemi not deserving an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, even though the player himself admitted that he had been "stupid" and "probably cost the team the game" - Myers not getting an interference call (even though he didn't move an inch and Gallagher ran into him, which is perfectly legal) And then completely omitting these facts; - Price held the puck in the trapezoid on the PK, which should've put them down 2 men - Roussel's interference penalty was a clear game management call, as he didn't change Romanov's stride whatsoever and didn't set a pick. The game was overall well-reffed. There has been much worse. Montreal fans would have you believe the 6:1 difference is a conspiracy, rather than an endigment of how Vancouver dominated the play during the entire game. The reality is, Montreal barely had any continuity during the entire game, and barely had the puck on their sticks. Their goals all came from the rush, mostly thanks to pitiful defensive coverage. They chased us for 55 minutes.
  2. Interesting that Habs fans are calling this game terribly reffed. I’d say the only non-call that was called was the Roussel one, which they capitalized on. Thank you, game management!
  3. He was the best player on the ice for the Canucks last game. Let's hope he keeps it up, because he showed in the bubble that he can be a huge difference maker.
  4. Thought he looked much better last game. He's probably the only player I'm giving a pass on the team though, considering that these 4 games have been his first 4 in close to a year, and all with a new team, new D partner with minimal practice in training camp to get the timing, trust, and reflexes up to speed. He's been noticeable and that is already a good sign. I trust he'll ramp up the consistency soon, and when he does, we have a steal of a deal at 1.25 mil.
  5. He’s not THE issue. There are plenty of issues. We got outworked by 2 subpar teams in a row, I believe there are lots of issues. myers was excellent in the playoffs, he’s been terrible in the first 3 games. We need a contribution from his part. The guy has been the slowest of every single player of all 3 teams we have seen so far. That’s a 6 mil vet right there. 0 excuses.
  6. Imagine being paid millions of dollars to not show up to work. good job canucks, you’re making every single analyst who humiliated us by picking us as bottom 3 in the division, look like they’re right.
  7. Much better effort in the 2nd, but we gotta make Marky make some actually good saves cuz right now it’s been the easiest day of his career
  8. Way to just absolutely disregard the incredibly technical and intellectual advances made in athletic programs and training regimens for young athletes in the past 30 years. Imagine Gretzky with his skill, with the same high quality level of training kids get today. I’m talking human kinetics knowledge, nutrition, sports science, and then physiotherapy for R&R. You can’t compare eras without adding context.
  9. Interesting that we decided to start playing physical and hitting with 2 minutes left.