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  1. Huge game by Hungary against the French!! Huge domination in the first half by the french, they got complacent and Hungary striked in extra time... France looked much more deadly in the 2nd half and scored off a bad play by the hungarian defense and tied it... \ The Mbappe Benzema Griezmann trio have been lacking offensively, Giroud needs a start alongside Griezmann and one of Benzema or Mbappé... they are doing too much but aren't putting sufficient pressure on opposing team's central defense... Expect a much more determined french squad wednesday against Portugal (and hopefully a
  2. it could actually make sense to trade for his rights no?
  3. INTENSE game for France, they played to their strengths and their tactics were on point. Sure, it wasn’t pretty from an objective fan’s stand point, but as a frenchman, I am unbelievably proud of that squad. i would’ve liked more changes (Giroud and Coman for Mbappe and Benzema around the 70th), but clearly DD was weary of messing up the tactics in place, and it paid off. The germans will be very scary this tournament... teams better prepare for them!
  4. If the numbers make sense we'd be foolish to not look into this. However, like stated above, we need more of a Parayko-style dman and since he's UFA next year... that should be our primary target.
  5. God save the croatian squad who are a shadow of their 2018 former selves. Boy was that rough to watch...
  6. Montreal is nowhere near good enough to compete with Vegas. However, it's the NHL playoffs and you have Price in net, which could be the ultimate factor in this series. Boy am I glad I'm an NHL fan and not an NBA fan for example, where the finals are predicted in day 1 of the regular season.
  7. Should be MacKinnon but it'll be McDavid. Nothing sells awards better than ragdolling the worst team in the league 9 times and then playing the Covid Canucks 10 times. Can't forget that MacKinnon lead his team to the President's trophy in a much more stacked division.
  8. I feel like I missed an important part of this saga, could someone enlighten me on these "DMs" that she sent Virtanen? Thanks in advance.
  9. Spain is getting hit by COVID apparently. Busquets and Llorente are out for now and they’ve had to make a couple of call-ups from their u21 squad. Sad to hear but hopefully they can remain competitive.
  10. Mbappé has been quite underwhelming in both preparation games, being too selfish and trying to do too much. It’s quite interesting how the offense has been much more open and dangerous when Coman, Dembele, Lemar, Ben Yedder and Giroud have been on the field (wow what a deep squad I’m so proud to be french!). The midfield seems like their strongest point, Pogba and Kanté both looking like they’re ready for a monstrous tournament. Tolisso also looks like he hasn’t missed a beat after that nasty injury, and has been incredibly solid. Rabiot as a substitute screams incredible depth.
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