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  1. Can u copy and paste just the words of the article?. There is no way I'm paying money to Drance. Not a chance.
  2. Damn. His agent is good. Had me fooled. I thought mailloux was in his room all night writing that. Definitely worth his 10%
  3. As a sixth rounder would be sweet. But all the clubs will respect his wishes and he will go in the first round next year. If I'm him for that year I'm only using a rotary dial phone. No cells with cameras haha
  4. Mailloux 2022 baby!!!!!!! Go get him Benning! One of the most beautiful statements I've ever read.
  5. My German sources say the French sources are full of crap
  6. Lol I know. I trust Benning. I want svechkov
  7. He made a statement. What else can he do give money to unicef?
  8. Well that does it. My wife is going to jail for 5 years. How dare she show that intimate pic of me to her friends. Freedom here I come. Thanks shayster u saved my life
  9. A kid can be tried as an adult for something that has to be absolutely heinous. Completely cold blood and evil. Now I guess we're treating this on par with a grizzly murder. Snowflakes everywhere. Swedish standards? Whats the law in Canada about this? Is there one? I thought Sweden got ahead of the game and actually have a law about something like this where as canada doesn't. All I'm saying with what he did he already has been punished fittingly with it. Destroying an nhl career and threatening jail to a kid is over the top. I hope Benning gets him in the 5th round but he will go before that.
  10. Prison now? thats rich. Yup let's get rid of juvenile detention for kids and put them in prison with adults. Nice. I take it your a kim jun un fan eh? He didn't get away with anything got in trouble for it in Sweden under their laws and will be taken late in the draft losing a pile of money. He apologized as well and is remorseful. Cause closed. Move on and let the kid become a better man instead of trying to destroy him.
  11. According to experts at who study brain development, Your brain isn't fully developed till 25. Hence why kids make dumb decisions. But again half of cdc appears to never done anything dumb in their childhood. Mr. Perfects up in here. But he should of known better cause he wears skates, dumb argument. I've heard kids on hockey teams and how they talk to each other believe me they ain't angels neither is anyone else at that age. Accept my kids of course haha
  12. And we can get Mailloux in the 5th round maybe hehe
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