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  1. This is the "show me" year for Benning. If we don't see a solid step forward it's time to get somebody who can. Honestly, I haven't thought he's done too bad a job for the most part in his tenure to date, but at the same time I don't want to be wallowing in mediocrity any longer. We made the playoffs in the first covid season (albeit partly through the back door). Last season we didn't in another weird covid season and divisional alignments. That was ok, some times you take a step backward before a big step forward. This season is, in my humble opinion, a do or die season for JB.
  2. So he's not big on guys like Tryamkin, Gadjovich, McEwan or Podkolzin? Huh, who knew.
  3. For a 6th round pick, he seems like a steal so far.
  4. This year I tried to get Early Maroc (by Philosopher Seeds) but couldn't find any available. Instead I went for one of it's relatives, Purple Maroc bought through Northern. I got 4 seeds, but they threw in three bonus seeds. All 7 popped fine and are growing strong. Sharing them with a friend who also has Texada Timewarp. I'll be growing one Timewarp and three Marocs. I tried making clones in case any of my other friends wanted with mixed results. I learned too late that I should have covered them with a clear bowl or similar to keep the moisture in. Live and learn. I'm ho
  5. Yeah, it was a very late predatory blind side hit. I'm glad that kind of thing's being taken out of the game.
  6. The silver lining for me of having so many starters out and playoff chances dropping to zero is the chance to see how some of our prospects are developing. So far Rathbone looks great. Lind is playing and not looking bad, but needs to adjust a bit to the higher level of the NHL. It will be interesting to see how Gadjovich works out.
  7. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Ok, maybe two or three nicer guys to take that knee, but not many.
  8. Where'd everyone go? I mean, I know Petey's out for the season and one or two others had nagging injuries but...
  9. So is there any particular reason we're playing 7 inexperienced/AHL forwards in games like this?
  10. Parros has taken a few too many hits to the head. Get someone in the position who wasn't a skill-less pugilist.
  11. I'm a pretty die hard type of fan, but even I recognise it's time to start looking at the draft possibilities. This season's done like dinner.
  12. While there's still a path, I think time has come for me to not get emotionally invested in the outcome of the season. I'll continue to watch, as I've always done, but I'm just going to 'enjoy the game' now. If by some miracle we get in, I suppose it's time to dream extravagant dreams again.
  13. Another way to look at it is if the Canucks go 4 and 1 in their next 5, they would be tied with the Canadians after the same number of games. The Canadians are ahead both in terms of win percent and points, but it's possible to catch them using the games in hand. Not impossible.
  14. Don't bother adding me to the list at this late date (I decided to bow out on the competition this year). Just guessing for fun: Vancouver 4-1 GWG: Miller
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