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  1. Canucks 4-2 Boeser with GWG Pettersson with first goal.
  2. OEL is doing a good job settling things down. Miller's line looked better that last shift.
  3. Horvat, Garland, Podkolzin, Hoglander - all of these guys forecheck hard and put in a solid effort. It'll be nice when Pettersson and Boeser get up to speed.
  4. The majority of NHL players start on the fourth line as young bucks and have to work their way up the lineup. Remember Kesler and Burrows? Started on the fourth line, did PK duties and slowly worked their way up. Kesler topped out at 2C since he had Henrik ahead of him while here. Burr eventually played up and down the lineup but it took him a while. It's fine for Podkolzin to start on the fourth line. He's not quite at the level of Pettersson or Hughes and can't be dropped in to first line minutes right off the bat. Even Hoglander is a bit of an anomaly with the bulk of his rookie season being spent on the second line. It would be a beautiful thing if Podkolzin could regularly play 1st or 2nd line minutes by the end of the season as that means he is outperforming someone already there. Our top six is currently no joke.
  5. I think it's fair to say that at the late stage in the game that the call was made, the OEL 'slashing' call was unusual. Had the stick hit the face, maybe. I'm not saying it was biased reffing, as overall the reffing was fine last night. What I am saying is that it's not a call that would usually be made at that late stage of the game. "game management" calls generally all happen before the third period starts.
  6. I think the least we can expect from the hockey we've seen so far is a high tempo and exciting game every night, which is a very nice change from the Willie D years.
  7. So you are going to base the entire season on a three minute stretch of a single game? Check the standings. Apparently it's not all doom and gloom. There is a bit of concern about blowing the lead, but unless it happens often, it's nothing to worry about. The last goal was a brilliant shot on a good play. It's the goal before that that needs addressing, but should be easy to fix since it was a d-man getting caught too high in the zone that blew that coverage (I won't say who because he's had two great games other than that one mistake).
  8. Chiasson hasn't impressed me during the pre-season or the first regular season game. I really don't get why he got a contract at the expense of a younger player who has more long term potential. I truly hopes he proves me wrong though.
  9. I like a few things about Burroughs so far. First, he plays a decently physical game. Secondly, he plays within his limitations and doesn't make a lot of mistakes trying to do too much. He's been responsible defensively. We'll have to see if he can manage more minutes as time goes on. He might be one of those d-men who doesn't really reach his potential until 27 or so, which would be good for us. I don't think that his potential is elite, but here's hoping he can be solid defensively and a physical presence. If Burroughs is small, does that mean Bo is fat at 220?
  10. I'm 23 and holding. I remember back when Orland Kurtenbach was named as the first captain of the Canucks. I've been 23 for a very long time.
  11. I like his physical play, but I'm not yet sold on the rest of his game.
  12. If you can't be positive at the start of the season, your a critic, not a fan.
  13. Pre-season is never something about which to get too excited. It's rarely a predictor of regular season performance. If I were to give it a grade it would have to be a C I suppose. There was lots of time for tweeners to show what they have but too many of them didn't have enough to be impressive. Some of the late decisions have me shaking my head. Zack Mac sent down while Chiasson is signed is an odd choice. The Juolevi trade also has me shaking my head. It will be interesting to see what happens starting Wednesday.
  14. This is definitely a "show me" season. There's been plenty of time to turn things around since taking over. I'm mostly happy with Aquilini other than the possibility of interference with the rebuild early on.
  15. I liked the Jurmo pick when it happened and it's nice to see he's developing strongly this year. Maybe next year he comes to Canucks training camp to evaluate where he stands.
  16. I think that's a bit too harsh. He's a 7/8 NHL defenceman. Suitable for spot duty only like Biega was.
  17. I think Podkolzin's going to have a good season based on his play and progression so far in the pre-season. He can play up and down the line, plays a strong, smart and skilled game. It's like having a young Bo Horvat playing wing. It might take a few years for him to completely blossom, but I like what I see so far. Very mature play by a very young man.
  18. Petan has a pretty decent offensive skill set, but doesn't really stand out in terms of individual efforts in skating the puck or passing. Decent shooting and reasonable hustle. In his own end he's a bit behind the curve at times. I'd classify him currently as a higher end tweener. He is likely not going to be on the starting roster but he's the kind of guy who can slot in on the top six with any injuries. I don't think he's necessarily what we'd want on the bottom six though. I can see him getting in 20 games or so this year perhaps.
  19. So I don't think this was a good take for the Oilers. They played almost their full starting roster against a half AHL Canuck squad and didn't look dominant at all. Their PP looked good, but it won't be as easy to get a PP in the regular season.
  20. I think Mac got in a two punch combo before Kassian dropped to the ice that might have ko'd him. The second punch was as he was going down.
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