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  1. While I agree that was an illegal goal, it happened in game 6. Even if the goal was disallowed, the Sabres would have still had to win in OT to force a game 7. It's not like the Sabres had the cup in their hands at that point.
  2. This is a slap on the wrist for a dangerous and reckless player. They should have given him the Torres treatment IMO.
  3. You know it's brutal when your goalie had no chance on any of the 3 goals against in the third
  4. In his defense, we are probably in the toughest division in the league. So it's not a surprise that he's used that a few times.
  5. Tkachuk is the toughest guy on the ice once the game clock runs out and you have two linesmen in between you and him
  6. But if you wait until the offseason, you would be risking Benning making panic moves to save his own ass. See Chiarelli before getting canned in Edmonton.
  7. Must be a tough pill to swallow for Benning to see Virtanen, Gaudette and Big Mac getting scratched. I'm sure part of the reason why he let Toffoli and Leivo walk was in the hopes that those three guys would take the next step.
  8. Fair explanation. Like I said, I liked Tryamkin but if he doesn't want to be here nor does he want to put in the work to be an everyday NHLer, it would be unfair to the rest of the team to just hand him the minutes he is comfortable with.
  9. Not sure why there is this obsession on hoping that Tryamkin comes back. Don't get me wrong, he showed fairly well during his time here, but based on his comments after bolting for the KHL he clearly didn't want to be here nor the NHL. Why would you want someone who doesn't want to put in the work to be an everyday NHLer nor is a team player? If his attitude hasn't changed, I say good riddance. There are plenty of other guys who would fight tooth and nail to wear the blue and green and would be happy to do so.
  10. Pretty obvious at this point, Gaudette will be taking his talents to South Beach and sign with the Miami Heat.
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