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  1. While I agree that was an illegal goal, it happened in game 6. Even if the goal was disallowed, the Sabres would have still had to win in OT to force a game 7. It's not like the Sabres had the cup in their hands at that point.
  2. This is a slap on the wrist for a dangerous and reckless player. They should have given him the Torres treatment IMO.
  3. You know it's brutal when your goalie had no chance on any of the 3 goals against in the third
  4. In his defense, we are probably in the toughest division in the league. So it's not a surprise that he's used that a few times.
  5. Tkachuk is the toughest guy on the ice once the game clock runs out and you have two linesmen in between you and him
  6. But if you wait until the offseason, you would be risking Benning making panic moves to save his own ass. See Chiarelli before getting canned in Edmonton.
  7. Must be a tough pill to swallow for Benning to see Virtanen, Gaudette and Big Mac getting scratched. I'm sure part of the reason why he let Toffoli and Leivo walk was in the hopes that those three guys would take the next step.
  8. I don't doubt that Marky wants to win and he probably won't get that in Detroit. But this is likely his last chance at a big contract, it would be hard to walk away from money and term when it's you're last shot to set yourself and your family up for life.
  9. No matter what happens tonight, I am proud of these guys. This game 7 experience will be invaluable to the young core.
  10. The last time Kelly reffed an elimination game for the Canucks, he called made this weak call against Daniel Sedin in OT - it lead to the series winning goal:
  11. I agree. Like I said, it's a long shot. But still an interesting fact. Could be something but most likely not
  12. It's a long shot, but Vegas was up 3-1 in last year's playoffs, choked and lost. The Canucks have the most series wins after being down 3-1 (with 3). The most of any team in the four major leagues in North America (tied with the Boston Red Sox).
  13. Vegas has a weaker D core than either St Louis or Minnesota. Good to see the Canucks expose them in the 2nd, hope they continue the pressure in the third.
  14. Thanks for the link to his user page. Some much needed comedy after a tough loss tonight.
  15. Canucks need more from Boeser, Pearson, Virtanen and Gaudette. Even if they get 1 goal between the four of them in each of the remaining games, that would go a long way. There's really no other way to put it, they need to bare down and find a way to score.
  16. I honestly don't think the Canucks are paying any attention to him at all (other than Roussel). The Sportsnet broadcast is just trying to spoonfeed us Reaves.
  17. Most of the right side (wing and and D) on the team did not look great tonight: Boeser Eriksson Virtanen MacEwan Stecher They’re all going to need to be better tomorrow, otherwise it might be another long game
  18. Canucks also need to give Suter, Dumba and Spurgeon a tougher time. I'd argue that their D are more important than Fiala.
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