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  1. I wouldn't even consider moving either of these guys at this stage. Wherever we end this season, it will be one (maybe two)time anomaly. We will have played 16 games in 25 days to start, and 19 games in 31 days to finish, in a far tougher division that we typically reside. I fully expect that we will be competing for a playoff spot next season, even if we don't see significant change to out lineup. I'd say we still have 4-5 legit prospects that could see time nest year in Podkolzin, Lind, Rathbone, Gadjovich, Joulevi, let's see where they settle, and then look to make a bigger
  2. I'd still bring back Edler if he will sign a team friendly 1 or 2 year deal. I get he is not perfect, but who else do we have to play 21 mins a night with 70% Dzone starts.
  3. 25 YO Big, tough RHD who hits, blocks shots, can fight and was on a 30 point pace last year for Detroit. We need all of those things, and we got him for basically free. There is no downside here at all. He was -16 on a historically bad Detroit team last year, otherwise, his stats are pretty decent, and he has excelled at both the WJC, WHL, AHL levels. I agree though, he likely doesn't amount to to much than 7/8 D or AHL depth, even if that's the case, he fills our ED requirement. This is a really nice no risk deal for us.
  4. I think Lind probably plays in Vancouver on Friday night. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he can do.
  5. We will have a ton of bottom 6 options for cheap next year, just a matter of finding the right mix. I'm real curious to see what we have in Highmore, i know his coach liked his game last year.
  6. Correct. Other options would be -Buyout- Costs 4 mill next year, 1 the next -Retire/mutual termination- 0 cost -Trade him with or without some retention. I feel this is the route we go Trade him and a pick (3rd or later) or B prospect for a more serviceable expiring bad deal. Something like LE and a 4th to FLA for Stralman. We save .5 mil in cap, get a RD, FLA loses a guy they waived, picks up a pick for .5 million in cap space and save 3.5 in real money as LE is only owed 1 mill vs Stralman's 4.5.
  7. You are correct on the AH part, but not the buyout. By burying him, you save a little over a million, bit then you are clear of his deal. If you buy him out, you save 2 million next year--he still counts 4 against the cap, but wear 1 million in cap the following year as well. I'd rather take the hit next year and be done. Here is the link for this: https://www.capfriendly.com/buyout-calculator/loui-eriksson#results
  8. We are in OK shape for cap next year in my mind. We have 17 mil to sign 10 players, but also have up to 6.5 in LTIR $ (assuming the reports on Beagle are correct). We also will lose some money in the expansion draft, I'm assuming Virtanen's 2.5. That's 19.5, plus 6.5 LTIR for 11 guys now that Virtanen is gone. -Lind, Podkolzin, Rathbone, Juolevi make the team taking up ~4. -Hamonic and Eder are re signed for ~5 -I assume we bring back 2 of Boyd, Hawryluk, Vessey a ~2 mil total. Miller-EP-Brick Pearson-BO-Hoglander Pods-XXX-XXX Lind-XXX-Motte Ha
  9. There is no way that we buy LE out, it makes no sense. We only save 2 million next year, but lose a million the year after. If we bury him we save 1 mil next year, and have no cost the year after. To me there is no upside in making that move---it ultimately only gets us 1 mill next year, but costs us the same the following year.
  10. I want him over right away for a few reasons: -Peace of mind, I want to know he will be on the team next year and no re sign in Russia. -Burning the year of ELC means he signs his next deal a year earlier. I feel we get better value locking a guy up after 2 years than 3 in the league. -I may be overly optimistic, but I think we have a good shot at getting back in the playoff race. 10 points out with 2 games in hand and a much easier schedule that MTL. I think it goes 1 of two ways- Covid has taken a toll on the team, and after a rough start we limp to the finish, or the 3 wee
  11. I'm not as down on the trade as some. Everyone knew we needed to rework our bottom 6- get cheaper and more efficient on both sides of the ice. For next year we now have: Signed Virtanen ( I assume he goes to Seattle) Motte Highmore Likely Lind MacEwan Bailey Signed, but may be gone Rousel LE Beagle RFA/UFA Vessey Hawryluk Boyd Michaelis We need a 3C and 4C for sure this offseason, and I'd like to see one tougher player added, but if we can roll with this group, I think we will have some
  12. I'm excited to see how he does here. Big, tough, cheap RHD with pretty good offensive number on the upside, very questionable D on the downside. Maybe he puts it together here, if he does, this is massive. If not, he was basically free and gives us some flexibility for the Expansion draft. We are going to have a ton of games down the stretch, so to have an extra able bodied D is positive.
  13. Agree 100%. I assume Virtanen gets taken and we save 2.5 in cap next year.
  14. Yes, he fills the ED requirements for us. This is a really nice move for the Canucks. If he puts it together, he is a perfect fit, big RHD. If he doesn't, which is likely the case, he fills our ED spot and gives us flexibility. It cost us 1 round in the draft, which will be a bigger crapshoot than ever this year.
  15. We got a 5th back. It didn't cost us a fourth, it cost us the gap between our 4th and their 5th.
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