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  1. No big surprise, now that Brock is Back!! The interesting one to me will be who goes down when Motte is back. I really hope it's not Podkolzin or Lammikko.
  2. I think we need a quiet, defensive D, preferably with some size much more than we need a Matt Dumba. There could be a few really good options in UFA this year, depending on who gets signed by their teams. Josh manson could be a really nice fit, but he would be very pricey despite a few down years..
  3. It's already gone! Would have to be 2023, but I really hope we start hanging onto our higher picks over the next few years. We have a pretty barren prospect pool right now.
  4. I feel that will overwhelm a lot of teams. I'd love to see Motte with Pods and JT once he is back. Each of our top 3 lines would have a tenacious little POS to play against.
  5. I agree that Miller would be far more likely to be dealt or walk that Horvat if push came to shove. I don't see any way that Horvat isn't a career Canuck,
  6. The Canucks absolutely control their pending UFA's contract terms. They have a full calendar year to negotiate before it is an open market. Whether they find common ground is an entirely different thing. I'd be shocked if either of them played the last year on an expiring deal. Ferland's LTIR $ becomes far more liquid once he is off the books. You are omitting the possibility of any other moves being made over the next two seasons. Maybe we trade Myers, or buyout Pearson, or trade Hughes. We don't know, I certainly don't expect us to be in the same spot in 2 years as we are now. Who would have ever thought we could open up 16 mil in space this offseason dealing dead weight and with buyouts. Miller could be dealt, or he could walk, or be re signed in the next two years. To assume that our top scorer is a likely cap casualty 2 years in advance is jumping the gun a bit though.
  7. 100%. Like I said, not concerned in any way, but he has had multiple grade A+ chances and nothing to show for it. He'll figure it out.
  8. Not sure I agree with you. Horvat makes 5.5, I can't see him getting north of 8 on a long term deal. Miller is at 5.25, again, not sure he gets much more than 7. I'm not sure they make much more than 4$ mil more combines than what they are at. We have the buyouts, Ferland and Halaks bonus coming off at the same time, and the cap will again be on the rise.. If they move Miller, it will be to improve the D, not because of $. Hoglander will almost certainly be on a bridge deal, how big is still a long way from being determined
  9. Seems fair to me. I wouldn't expect to get paid if I don't show up for work.
  10. Horvat has been a disappointment so far as well, doesn;t seem to be in any rhythm and gripping the stock to tight in chances. Certainly not concerned, it's 3 games, but I expect much more from Bo.
  11. I agree, Garland plays a lot like Ronning. What an awesome trade.
  12. Definitely sucks playing in 4 home openers this trip. Oilers, Flyers, Hawks and Kraken. Just too much time between warm up and the start of the game. Teams are usually pretty pumped for their first home game.
  13. That lineup is deadly. I like Highmore on the 4RW more than the other 2, but the rest is just how I'd draw it up.
  14. Could be a really good fit in Washington, they have a pretty good right side to fit a guy like Cholowski on the left.
  15. Hogs drove his line last night and had one of his better games as a Canuck. If he can continue that, our top 9 gets even scarier Lotto Line Pearson-Horvat-Garland Pods-Dickinson-Hogs Motte-Lakkimmo-Highmore Chiasson-Dowling That is an excellent forward group.
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