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  1. Nagra

    NBA Discussion

    Lebron fans be like...
  2. Nagra

    NBA Discussion

    Yup Lebron is so damn clutch it is unbelievable. Definitely up there with the greats of all time!
  3. Nagra

    NBA Discussion

    Ingram is undoubtedly the face of the Lakers and even when they draft Ball, Ingram is going to be the leader of that young core. Magic himself has stated that a couple times as well. Also there is no way Lakers would trade Ingram for PG when they can get him for free next summer, that would be ridiculous. However if management does decide to try and get George this year I'm sure they will low ball and offer the 2 late 1st round picks + something else. I also think you're down playing how good of a ball player D'angelo actually is, and has the potential to be. He has unique and underrated play making as well as a great scoring touch. Once he stops over thinking of when to pass and when to shoot he will be a very deadly guard in this league for years.
  4. Nagra

    NBA Discussion

    As a fan of the Lakers I absolutely hate this trade, mostly because I was actually a fan of Russell. At least Mozgov is gone...
  5. Nagra

    NBA Discussion

    How am I a troll for saying the outcome of the game lol
  6. Nagra

    NBA Discussion

    That just proves my point about how funny it is that he thinks Lebron has had easier opponents. Kobe played in one of the most competitive eras in basketball. Anyone who even remotely watches basketball knows for years this has been a league that has had very few teams that have a legitimate chance of winning it all. Also Kobe was 5-2 in the finals while Lebron is 3-4 against worse competition. There's a reason Kobe is praised so much, that killer instinct is what put him on another level, hence the name Black Mamba. To be frank, Lebron doesn't have it, the finals record speaks for itself.
  7. Nagra

    NBA Discussion

    The NBA at it's current state, and for years now has only had 3-4 teams that legitimately got a chance at winning the championship. If you think that Lebron has had tougher opponents in the playoffs compared to Kobe or Jordan is absolutely hilarious. And the point of LBJ having more pressure is pretty funny too, Kobe played for the largest market for any sports team in North America, while being the best player on the planet; that's what you call pressure to win. I've been watching the NBA for years, and the people who say Kobe was gifted 3 rings clearly have no idea how basketball works. So by your logic we can say Tim Duncan was gifted his rings because he had good teammates along with having the greatest coach of all time? Jordan needed Scottie, Duncan needed Parker and Ginobli, yes Kobe had Shaq but guess what, the NBA is a team sport, no matter how good you are you are not carrying your team single-handedly to the championship. Even if you're Lebron. And we have seen that he can't carry his team, look at the Cavs roster and you can't tell me that it is all Lebron that is helping the team win. By the way did Lebron hit the dagger against GSW in game 7? Nope. So by your logic Lebron was gifted last years ring by Kyrie.
  8. Nagra

    NBA Discussion

    Ya Sac's GM actually admitted he got a better trade 2 days ago for Cousins so a lot of fans are pretty confused. I'm not sure whats going on over there
  9. Nagra

    NBA Discussion

    Good trade for the Pelicans who now have 2 of the most dynamic bigs on the same team. However they still need a few pieces to be competitive with the top teams but this is a big step towards the right direction. Sacramento wanted Ingram from my Lakers which resulted the Lakers not continuing any further, so I'm glad they didn't give it to much thought. I personally don't like Cousins character and if he were traded to the Lakers he wouldn't be a guy I'd want all those young guys to look up to.
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