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  1. I don’t know what your expectations are of Virtanen but he’s improved every year and is incredibly versatile. That being said, I would not be disappointed if it cost Virtanen for Severaon.
  2. How is it redundant? They needed a top-6 forward to play. Toffoli is a solid upgrade over Eriksson/Virtanen to play with Horvat. The long term plan has always been to build a young core and insulate then with veterans. Bending has been doing this since 2014 when he first took over. Losing Madden will sting but losing the conditional 1st for Miller also hurt. Difference is Miller has played well and Toffoli moving to a playoff contender and play with chemistry with Pearson is a smart bet that he will well too.
  3. I only hope Virtanen doesn’t score tonight. I don’t think I can shotgun Merlot.
  4. RFAs like Boeser are likely betting on themselves to produce more as their career goes on and inflation rises. Look at Nathan McKinnon, signs a 7 year deal at a high cap in 2016 and a couple years later it’s highway robbery. Long term deals no longer make sense for young talented players. Austin Matthews just reinforced that.
  5. I think you should look at the details to Werenski’s deal. To qualify him after his contract would set himself up for at least $7 million and he get arbitration rights to go for more. Also, I believe it was rumoured that it was Benning making the comparable to Meier’s cap hit. Also, Brock’s career PPG is .83 compared to Meier’s .56 so I guess you’re right that they aren’t comparable.
  6. Boeser had 40 takeaways last year compared to Bo’s 28
  7. Meh he needs a training camp and training at Leafs camp without a contract would be a gong show. This doesn’t really impact negotiations.
  8. The problem is the Leafs paid their young stars big bucks early and now it’s the trend for all young stars. Bridge deals are much higher than before making the more difficult. That’s why San Jose and Meiers had to get creative with an opt-out because there’s a lot riding on the player to continue his productive pace.
  9. I don’t know it seems like this summer whenever a rumoured contract is put out there, we always sign for less than the report. Myers was apparently looking at $7-8 million per, Ferland at $4-4.5 million. Just saying people haven’t got it right this summer with rumours.
  10. I’d send them Sutter with possible some salary retained for JP
  11. Probably a good Demko comparable for his next contract.
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