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  1. Taxing people the maximum allowable for what your place will be worth once it is sold and built into highrise condos and office space. Lots of people had to sell their homes when they first made these changes to the land taxes. This is worse than highway robbery, the service industry is the hardest hit during covid and then to have the government nut kick you is ahole beyond.
  2. That penalty was beyond stupid and also gutless seeing as Toffo was tied up by some else.
  3. crobar

    Marvin Hagler

    My favorite fighter at that time. He got such little respect from announcers not using his nickname that he had to legally change his name to Marvelous Marvin Hagler so they had no choice. Funny or sad because they called Leonard Sugar, Hearns Hitman or Motorcity Cobra, and Duran Hands of Stone.
  4. Damn I've never seen babbllegook look so convincing.
  5. I dont think anybody will ever beat expectations like Burr did. From being undrafted to working up to first line duties was unreal. Hogs definitly seems to have the same heart and soul as Burr but the expectations on Hogs have been far greater than Burr since being drafted. Burrows could never have been a bust because he didnt even cost a draft position, Burrows turned out to be all gravy in my opinion except for maybe the finger cannibalism, but hey couldve used gravy there too.
  6. I have a superstition that before every beer I drink I have to drink a beer, this has never failed me. I don't think.
  7. You cannot ban people being superstitious. Gretzky always tucked his jersey in the right hand side of his pants, would this be ok under your ban the superstition rule.
  8. Superstition is in all of us to some degree. Banning superstition in sports = bye bye sports. Cant believe Im commenting in the ridiculous thread.
  9. I am starting to think it is our coaching more than anything. When we had 2 man advantage for about a minute and half in Calgary why did we stay bunched up around their net instead of spreading out, making them have to move and scramble. Everyone seemed to just to plant themselves in 1 position throwing the puck around the outside not making Calgary penalty killers have to really move much.
  10. Bure Larionov Mogilny Sedin Sedin Neely Nasland Petey Miller
  11. If your going to brainwash him could'nt you make him a hockey player?
  12. Just so we have some context, how old is this, 6 7 or more years ago makes this irrelevant today.
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