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  1. Just imagine if Petey and Hughes sign team friendly deals because of each other. (Impossible?) Holy $&!# Bennning just became god.
  2. Hire you for what. Pumping Loui's tires like you usually do here. I think not unless your opinion has actually changed on L E.
  3. With any luck the Mcnabb hit will be the reminder to Jake of how to hit properly.
  4. How many times are people going to GUESS that Benning gave Tampa all they wanted. Complete conjecture and conspiracy theories from the Benning bashers I suppose. I liked the trade when first made and more so now.
  5. Just think how fast we could get rid of Eriksson by adding Hughes and Boeser. WooHoo maybe we could get a first and third WooHoo.
  6. Why do people want to give up so much to get rid of Erriksson. We could probably get more by trading Demko or Juolevi without The anchor attached. No to trading what could be great young talent for peanuts.
  7. You state the market is not large enough in Quebec I say untrue, you state Montreal would lose money I say I dont know. Did Montreal lose money with Nords in Quebec? I have heard the same argument about a second team in Ontario costing Toronto money but the fan base is definatly there.
  8. Anywhere Canada would be a larger fan base than what Florida has.
  9. With most hockey players it is vanilla, cliche, cliche, cliche when it comes to interviews. Used to like Brett Hulls interviews at least he expressed his actual views and didnt mind being controversial.
  10. If both Juolevi and Rathbone make the jump and can contribute this coming season or next I dont think I would care whos better but care that we finally have the young defensive core to go with our forward group, like I believe someone said earlier, this could be fun for years to come.
  11. Right thread I hope. With the 2 or 3 death threads here the last couple of days I find it amazing I find no mention of Eddie Shacks passing yesterday. I remember his days with the leafs, was one of the greatest character to ever lace up the skates. Can remember him going full bore up the ice just to shower the opposition goalie in snow, loved to piss the other teams off. Dont remember which team but I can remember him being chased around the ice by all 5 of the opposition skaters. " CLEAR THE TRACK LORD, HERE COMES EDDIE SHACK ". RIP
  12. Watching Garrett play in that XXXXXL jersey or whatever the hell size it was monkey to me.
  13. Ya that deal always surprised me too, cant believe Nonis schooled Keenan on that deal.
  14. Bernie Parent, Denis Potvin, Cliff Ronning.
  15. Do you not think Demko is worth way than a sixth all by himself. We have so little left invested in Loui that I find it hard to believe you would throw in Demko as part of a cap dump.