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  1. Exactly why would they make such a idiotic move for virtane
  2. Plus he disappeared in the playoffs when others contributed
  3. Last game Lucic hits Virt coughs the puck up what happens next a goal lol. At least fight back to win it back but no lazy jakey floats. He has no hunger. Trade him before he gets older and has zero trade value.
  4. I think he should return to his original skates he seemed to be able to deke more and was quicker. Also shorten his stick.
  5. Its true he hasn't had one but I would give him a break he already has had two superb seasons and is still a kid. Remember how long it took for the Sedins to even make a mark?
  6. They wont resign green or his coaching staff at end of season anyways. So basically he is saying jb is staying green is going to get replaced.
  7. He floats around does his little flick of a wrist shot. Never seen the guy crank up the speed or intensity level always at the same pace like his head is somewhere else.
  8. His hockey iq is horrible, just throws the puck away or does that wrist shot into goalies pad
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