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  1. Good luck with the extradition rights with a country like Russia, after knowing this the court should restrict him from going abroad.
  2. Don't get how he can bolt to Russia with the current problems with law. Don't get how that is allowed.
  3. Lets sign and keep Petey and just trade Hughes to Ducks for Zegras. Petey Zegras Horvat down the middle. We would be set for many years and can concentrate on drafting other positions.
  4. Teams can then do some tricks like making deal with player and putting him as injured etc. and paying him in secrecy while not being part of the cap.
  5. In the dressing room off the ice I get it he is a good guy with experience but he has failed the eye test for me more than not. Always gasping for air after the whistle perhaps bad conditioning, can't clear the puck out with weird passes back to opposing D as result we get hemmed in, doesn't fight or rarely sticks up for teammates in scrum turns away after whistle, does very little offensively although it's not his role, slow as a turtle, injured alot. So we sign him just for faceoffs no thanks. This guy and Edler seemed to have the most boneheaded giveaways. One is gone hoped Sutter would have also.
  6. Hello come on man he follows the church of pettersson of course he does you didn't know jesus.
  7. The Edler with no beard and long hair up to 2011 I liked and had some swag. But after that he simply declined was slow lost his swag and grew a beard which made him look even more like a player past his prime.
  8. Prolly JB made sure because that would be dumb not to and contract has been agreed just releasing it bit later.
  9. Agree too slow no toughness cant get the puck out. Seriously why.we give this guy chamce after chance.
  10. Jesus hate this signing. Why go with same old again. He aint that helpful for us and no toughness.
  11. Belarusian's speak russian so could be great friends. Both have that fire inside them that could help change the identity of the Canucks.
  12. Yes he could but just think playing under our control and on NA rink will prevent bad habits from happening. Plus I don't want him getting a taste of a league that many players bolt to when things go south although he aint Russian and Minsk is in Belarus. But the downside could be Canucks AHL team never seems to be really great at developing to full potential. Petey and Hogz did not go through Comets.
  13. I notice that he is able to score given little time and space in crowded areas which is a great strength of his. He will thrive in playoff games where time and space is at a premium.
  14. Youngsters get limited ice time in SHL amd KHL rather have him im Abbotsford playing more minutes under our control.
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