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  1. This just in from TSN. "Is Jake Muzzin is the last piece needed for a cup run?" I haven't actually watched or listened, I just know it's being said repeatedly.
  2. 'Mom, I'm in trouble': Grande Prairie woman faces decade in Thai prison https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/thailand-graffiti-brittney-schneider-1.4870376 Not an event, but not worthy of a thread either. I don't have much sympathy for someone going to a foreign country and spray painting an ancient wall, but hey, I've done some dumb things in my life too....just not this astronomically blatantly stupid. Let this be a lesson to Canadians travelling abroad, don't be an idiot. Hopefully she just gets the fine and a one way ticket and lifeti
  3. Two burnt bridge comments, but I dare say he wasn't here long enough to burn a bridge. I think he needed (perhaps still needs) some time to mature. The fans loved him here, so why wouldn't he come back? I agree that if he indeed doesn't like the town, we can trade him somewhere he wants to go. He will be even more valuable in a year or two if he continues his progression. I can't see him hating the team because of the treatment he received, it wasn't that atrocious under the circumstances, and I really hope he comes back here and has a career as a Canuck.
  4. If Matthews ended up as a FA after 4 years, and the Coyotes can last that long, the team could pay him in ownership stake. Player/Owner. I'm not being serious, I'm sure there's a bunch of legalese surrounding such a thing, but it'd be pretty awesome to be the star of your own team.
  5. I never disliked or crapped on Dorsett, but I've never really give him any credit either. He deserves some credit from me, It's not just the scoring start to the season, he's really working out there, and that attitude is what we need for a quicker turnaround with our rebuild. We've had a lot of mid-level talent in the past 4 seasons and I lumped Dorsett in that group. I didn't really give him much consideration, he was a role player who's talent could be replaced by any number of the Kenins' Cracknells of the league. I think I was missing his intangibles. He can score in the right situati
  6. So it's Shaka, when the walls fell. I'll end up watching it at some point I'm sure.
  7. Damn. I didn't want to hear this, just recently "acquired" the first 3 episodes and haven't watched them yet. Not sure I'm a Trekkie, but I've seen all episodes of the original, all of TNG (like 10 times over) and most of the others...and all the movies new and old. So, don't bother with Discovery?
  8. I want to be your dog as posted above ...and ...and
  9. Indeed. It's a smaller time-frame than I remembered. I forgot about 2015. I suppose I was getting at that I think we are in the best position for success since the lockout....even if it's only been 2 seasons out of the playoffs.
  10. I don't think we tanked at all, I think there was some poor choices that didn't pan out. The Torts hire was legit, and it could have gone better if we had a deeper roster. He may have made some poor choices himself, but he didn't have much to work with. I think we are now closer to the playoffs than we have been since the lockout.
  11. I read a lot more than I post, so no, not serious, tongue in cheek sarcasm. Here's your apple!
  12. If I was #4 this week and #5 all time, I'd think it was great. I feel privileged just being able to respond to you.
  13. Fair point. We can only hope he becomes that indispensable that quickly.
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