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  1. Yes you are right. Still does not take away how hard and good that series was the boys played awesome.
  2. All I can recommend for those that did not watch or forgot. To go back a watch all the Canucks Stanley Cup finals and tell me they did nothing in 52 years. Things to look for: 1) They bled in those games. Proud of our boys back then gave it their all. 2) Up hill climb right from day one, the other teams in the NHL never wanted a team in Vancouver. They fought to prevent it. 3) Back then a Cup win by Vancouver was not good for the NHL, but good for the NHL if the others teams won. Think the refs were not bias. Just watch the calls in most the cup final games against the Canucks, eye opener. 4) One goal post from raising the Cup. 5) So many factors and proud moments I can not remember them all, but this franchise has done more then getting credit for. They had done almost all they could have to win in those finals except get lucky.
  3. There is some very special teacher out there. I do not think good teacher get enough praise. Back to the subject, I see a lot of posts about "easy wins" and how the road trip for the Canucks had those teams deemed "easy wins". What NHL are these people watching sure there are blowouts in the scores, but there is no easy wins. The talent on all teams is so close that any team can win against any other team. This is why the game is played on the ice and not on paper. It seem the hate for Green and Benning is so high the haters are never going be happy until they are gone. They could beat the odds and win the Cup and the haters would not give any credit to Green or Benning. The team had a good road trip. It had its ups and downs, but they showed heart. I am sure many of these so called fans where hoping for a 6 game losing streak so they could go on how bad Green and Benning are. Then cheer when they got fired and post of how they were right.
  4. Yes, I was lucky my mom would not back down with the school system who said I was just slow. She basically went to the school everyday until they gave in and had a specialist see me. Then I got lucky again with a special teacher trained for our learning problem. Basically I could not read, write. and speak that well at the age of 5 to 6 until that teacher. One year with her and I was able to keep up at a normal level with the rest of the kids. I still had problems but was able to keep normal C to B marks in all school subjects with hard work on my part.
  5. Same here on all you have posted. Plus I too have dyslexia and it sure does suck having to take longer then most to post your thoughts. People without this learning problem really do not understand how sometimes simple writing can be complex for us, Especially when tried towards the end of the day.
  6. Is it just me or is Rathbone unlike any d man we have seen before.
  7. All stats could have sub stats. For example with takeaways and giveaways: 1) Board battle two against one, you give the puck up to two attackers. Is really a bad give away? 2) The Ref interferes with your attempt to clear or pass the puck and it bounces to the other team. Is a bad play? If all stats were broken down with more details they would be more telling.
  8. True, but Klim's skill set works with talented players. At age 18 he sees the ice, passes the puck and shots like a top 6 NHL player. He just needs time to learn the speed and physicals demands of the Canadian game. At 18 he still needs to gain maturity in all accepts of his life. Doing so in the AHL is less demanding then being in the spot light of the NHL especially in Vancouver market. He already is showing he can play the game at a high level now he needs time to get comfortable living life in a whole new country.
  9. From what I remember reading Aidan McDonough is good at tipping the puck in front of the net too.
  10. Van 6-1 Petey game winner gets the Hat - Trick and first goal.
  11. What is the point of complaining about Bobby Orr not being on the list at age 23, has nothing to do with Quinn. He is not on the list because he on one all by himself. How is Quinn mile stone of 100 points in anyway stat picking or pumping him up to better then he is. Again 133 game has no baring on Orr it is only the amount of games it took Quinn to get 100 points. You are making an argument for the point of arguing.
  12. Lol how hard is it for them to comprehend that 100 points is the comparison and it was achieved in 133 games at age 23, which is in rare company.
  13. 100 points is the milestone used and he did it at age 23 in 133 games. The comparison is 100 points. 133 games is not the cut off 100 points is.
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