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  1. When’s the draft lottery ?

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Not the official source but it says on wikipedia during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

      Oddly enough, NHL.com does not publish the date, yet.

      Last Year was April 29th.



    2. pluralsight


      According to Pierre Lebrun on the radio, it should be on April 28. Book it boys.

  2. Welp Barzal just got 5 points (2g3a) The dude just looooves feasting on secondary assists, he got 3 of em. :angry:You know what this means Boeser..

  3. There’s a video on SN and these 2 nutjobs were saying the Sens and Sabres are most desperate for Dahlin...uhhh don’t they each have EK and Jack Eichel? They even had the audacity to say Oilers are also desperate for Dahlin. Give me a f**king break.:picard: Teams like the Canucks and Coyotes are desperate for the number 1 pick

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    2. -AJ-


      I mean, the Sabres have a pretty barren defense, so I can understand that, but I can't get the Sens one.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Sens should be desperate for a real owner before anything else.

    4. MJDDawg


      Doesn't matter who's desparate, the hockey Gods have already decided. The Canucks will pick 5th overall, while the Oilers pick Dahlin.  

  4. Now if the Vancouver Canucks and the NHL Draft Lottery could get some chemistry going, that would be great.
  5. The guys 19 years old for crying out loud. He’ll be a good one. Mark my words.
  6. Definitely agree with Vintage. Klim Kostin over Pettersson? Give me a break. Please someone fire this fool and a Canucks prospect blatantly getting snubbed off a list isn’t something new. Oh well, he’ll just have to prove him wrong.
  7. The Leafs didn't really have much toughness other than Martin and Boyle. Komarov is a gritty type of player tho. They mostly used their speed and skill which is what I see in this line up. If Virtanen reaches his potential and becomes a high end hitter and sign some Martin type players for the 3rd/4th lines then that's enough. Today's NHL is more focused on skill and the Leafs almost beat the President trophy winners by using that model.
  8. Oh my Boeser with that unfair of a shot! On a side note, that UND commentator is gold. Sportsnet needs to sign him. He'll be better than some of the scrubs they have lol
  9. Can you guys shut up about Tkachuk. Too bad for some of you that we can't go back in time to select him but I'm perfectly fine with Juolevi. Now let's talk about him. Juolevi is on pace to break his point totals from last year by quite a margin even without Marner, Tkachuk and Dvorak. I think that's a big positive. The guy also looks like he's on a mission after coming back from the WJC and hes playing with some fire inside of him.
  10. Okay and who would be your #1D in a couple years? That's what I thought. Forwards are easier to get than defenseman. We have a Tkachuk in Virtanen albeit Tkachuk is better right now but JV has that potential.
  11. CDC, where people call a 20 year old a bust. He has been misused and he hasn't matured. Not everyone is a Horvat. Let's wait a few years to make an accurate assumption. Heck the Sedins would be labeled as busts by the time they were 20 and look where they are now. Patience.
  12. With 3 minutes remaining, Juolevi has 11 shots and an assist on the Powerplay
  13. When and where did he tell you this? Don't lie and be honest
  14. Give him an assist on the 4th goal already!!
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