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  1. You are correct. Because he turns 20 before September 16th this year he falls under the over ager category and burns his first year as soon as he signs. It doesn't have anything to do with where he is playing though. It's just about his age.
  2. Yes, because of the abbreviated season he can play 6 games before it would burn a year off his ELC. Usually the number of games is 10, but the rule was changed for this season.
  3. He was the net front presence on the 3-0 PP goal. A great job on the screen. I like how he keeps it simple. He didn't move out of the way to try for a deflection, he simply parked himself in front of the goalie and gave him nothing to see.
  4. In the games that I have watched he has been the first on the ice on the PK, he is taking the important defensive zone faceoffs, and when the game is close he is on the ice at the end of games with the net empty. At the very least that is a very good indicator that coach Jim Madigan has trust that when the chips are down he will get the job done in the defensive end.
  5. I don't usually jump out of my seat for an empty net goal but I did for this one. It personified what kind of a player he is. Hard work and never say die!
  6. Watching the game tonight the Canucks missed what Dorsett brought to the table. Madigan's story about Gaudette and Kevin Roy is what has me excited to see this kid. Sutter is a decent 3rd line centre but he lacks that edge that is needed to go up against the other teams best players. I want that player who has the arrogance and belief that he can go up against any teams best player and go after him for 60 minutes. He may not always bring the same level of skill a McDavid or a Gaudreau has but he will never be outworked. I have watched 10-15 games Gaudette has played this year and his dogged pu
  7. I try not to get concerned over these kinds of things. I think anyone in his position would be wise to at least explore every option available to him but in the end I am confident he will see the way this organization dealt with Brock Boeser and the success he has had and he will sign here when his season ends at Northeastern. He has gone through some great development in the NCAA and by the end of this season or at the beginning of next season there should be a spot down the middle available for him if he proves he is ready.
  8. IMO he is the most intriguing prospect we have among some very good prospects. I have watched a few of his games and he is literally good at everything at the NCAA level. The most impressive part of his game is dogged pursuit of the puck. He never stops from the time he gets on the ice til the time he leaves. He has a good shot and nice instincts. The best part is that they play him in all situations and when he gets here he will have had three years of solid development. Does this mean he fits in as a really good future 3rd line centre? Can his skill make him a 2nd line centre? No one really
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