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  1. We will get over 100 pages of a potential Reinhart to Vancouver deal only to watch him end up in Anaheim
  2. Vesey be playing in the KHL next season unless Jim Benning signs him to 3yr 9mill contract and stuff
  3. At least the flames are just as bad as us... that long term Marky contract not looking good at all!
  4. I agree...why would anyone want Sutter back? Hard pass on Brandon Butter. Our bottom 6 needs a complete overhaul. Motte is the only player that should be guaranteed a bottom 6 spot!
  5. These games will be tougher to watch thn a preseason game in a small community rec centre...ffs!
  6. Looks like Jakes contract has been terminated...jus saw him selling used cars at Basant Motors. When you get there tell em “Jake sent me” and u will get 1 year free car wash with purchase. Heres a video of Jake on his 1st day...
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