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  1. Special ceremony tomm for Jakes 300th nhl game tomm can’t wait!!!! As a special tribute all the players are gonna do full speed fly-bys around the net and back to the bench.
  2. Can’t wait for the players pregame availability “ we all jus need to give an extra 10%” speech...
  3. Travis Green after the game tomm “ I thought we competed hard late in the third but it’s tough to comeback when your down 4-0 in the first. I felt Rousell was our best player but we need all our players to be like Rousell. We’ll be ready for Saturday”
  4. Can’t wait for Bertuzzis next segment on 650 to tell us all about his dui...
  5. Benning just wanted a bag of used pucks from Anaheim and they said NO!
  6. I can’t stand the sound of Rintouls voice