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  1. About playing for a winning team some where else in the next few years if we ain’t winning
  2. Didn’t like Peteys comments and his attitude isn’t the greatest just trade him now for Eichel and call it a day
  3. I’m a big Linden fan but he’s no where near hall of fame talk
  4. Sidney Crosby as the obvious choice for me but Patrick Kane right behind him
  5. Excellent…now replace it with a Jim Benning banner and I’m happy
  6. These same protesters will eventually be inside the hospital’s getting treated for covid…fkn idiots!
  7. Wild locked up the best #7 dman available….tidy piece of business!
  8. Would be nice if they would take it down and turn it into rolls of toilet paper…
  9. can someone photoshop a Durex logo on to a canucks jersey? I just want to see something.
  10. Just watched it and some serious bombs were landed. it was better thn some the most recent boxing matches I’ve watched.
  11. Great post man! U definitely know ur fighters. I’ll Never forget when Rypien held his own against heavy weight Hal Gill. After reading your post I went and watched Probert fights and he was definitely one of the best. Cheers!
  12. Jimbo about to show Ken Holland how to sign ur top dman to a cap friendly contract in Quinn Hughes
  13. I think he’s a car salesmen now…
  14. He got that PTSE (pay to stay in Edmonton) contract….basically the organization will pay millions above market value per year in order to sign long term. Nurses agents as they approached Ken Holland…
  15. I agree his career is done, his teammates didn’t like him in Winnipeg and now thrs reports that his San Jose teammates have been wanting him gone. Not sure what it is about these local boys Kane,Virtanen and Lucic with thr off ice issues.
  16. Jus read that he put himself on voluntary leave from the sharks
  17. I don’t care about what’s happened in the past, I’m just focused on the upcoming season. I think we can make some noise with this new team!
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