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  1. Aaron Ekblad would look real good with Q.Hughes
  2. Hoglander Miller Pettersson Pearson Horvat Boesser Vessey Sutter Gaudette Roussel Beagle Motte Package Virtanen in a deal for a right shot defensemen
  3. Maybe we through in Brandon Sutter to give them a C
  4. To Det: Jake Virtanen Jonah Gadjovich To Van: Joe Veleno
  5. I would be thrilled to get Nylander. He has a lot of skill and his snipe shot would be a welcome addition Hoglander Pettersson Nylander Miller Horvat Boeser
  6. Canucks 6-5 OT shootout win Horvat line continues to shine
  7. Both guys are have been ideal signings. Neither were drafted. Both bought into a selfless team first system in Utica which is what was asked of them. They consistently contributed and improved over time. I have been high on MacEwan from when he was first signed. Chatfield has really caught me by surprise. From what I have seen the past couple games he reminds me a bit of Chirs Tanev in the way he plays accept more physical. If we can get that from him its another home run for Benning!
  8. HIRE BENNING liked what I saw from Chatfield. Myers played a good game. Schmidt was solid. Benn was solid. Edler and Hughes good as usual. Hoglander is Brad Marchandt 2.0 Nice to see the top line getting points. Holtby looked solid. Hope we can keep this momentum going agains Winnipeg.
  9. I would like to see Green try a lineup change with Motte and Hoglander moving up Miller Pettersson Hoglander Pearson Horvat Motte MacEwan Gaudette Boeser Roussel Beagle Sutter Jake sits
  10. I think Jim Benning needs to go. He has messed this team up with bad contracts.
  11. I have been a big fan of Hamonic ever since Calgary traded for him. I am really excited to see him playing with Hughes. I think it has potential to be the perfect combo. Hamonic can simplify his game when playing with Hughes. He will also be on the ice for a lot of goals so this will be a confidence boost and help him find his place on this team. Ultimately Green will play him like a $5 million/yr player while paying him much less. Brilliant move by Jim Benning. The team is really taking shape. Potential for GM of the year!
  12. I would love it if Hoglander scores more points than Toffoli this year!
  13. I am a big Motte fan but not ok to take someone down like that. It could have caused injury. I was happy to see Gauds show some feistiness and win a fight against Motte. Hopefully we will see more of that this season from him.
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