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  1. I have been a big fan of Hamonic ever since Calgary traded for him. I am really excited to see him playing with Hughes. I think it has potential to be the perfect combo. Hamonic can simplify his game when playing with Hughes. He will also be on the ice for a lot of goals so this will be a confidence boost and help him find his place on this team. Ultimately Green will play him like a $5 million/yr player while paying him much less. Brilliant move by Jim Benning. The team is really taking shape. Potential for GM of the year!
  2. I would love it if Hoglander scores more points than Toffoli this year!
  3. I am a big Motte fan but not ok to take someone down like that. It could have caused injury. I was happy to see Gauds show some feistiness and win a fight against Motte. Hopefully we will see more of that this season from him.
  4. Im a big Tyler Motte fan. His energy creates so many chances. I would be interested to see if he could compliment the top line with his effective board battles and ability to create space and get loose pucks. I know Green depends on him big time for his defence on the 4th line but maybe Sutter could take that spot. I also really like Hamonics game and think he would be good with Hughes on the top line. With a little confidence boost from scoring points with Hughes, I think Hamonic can recreate himself as a player in Vancouver. Miller Pettersson Motte Pearson Horvat Boeser Roussel Gaudette Virtanen Eriksson Beagle Sutter Hawryluk MacEwan Hughes Hamonic Edler Schmidt Benn Myers Juolevi
  5. Hamonic is a really good hockey player who's game went sideways in Calgary. The fans all turned on him after he lost the fight with Gudbranson. I believe a new team and positive environment will be good for him. I see him as having potential to get back to being a top pairing defenceman again. I think we should pair him with Quinn Hughes to boost his confidence. He is a gamer who ads toughness, grit, and a veteran presence on our back end. Hughes Hamonic Edler Schmidt Juolevi Myers Benn
  6. I like that top 6. Wonder if we could make a trade of Boeser to Detroit for Lucas Raymond Hoglander Pettersson Raymond Miller Horvat Podkolzin
  7. all it took was a pandemic to keep him from going out
  8. Boeser, Gaudette, first round pick Miller Dubois Pettersson Pearson Horvat Eriksson Roussel Sutter Virtanen Hawrluk Beagle Motte MacEwan Makes us a lot more team tough
  9. Hughes Schmidt Edler Myers Juolevi Vatanen I could also see Hughes Schmidt Edler Vatanen (similar to the Ehrhoff paring of 2011) Juolevi Myers
  10. He is actually what I would call a Benning type of pick up at this point in his career. Could help fill the spot in Utica that Rafferty or Chatfield had. Assuming one of them makes the Canucks team.
  11. remember when Horvat first joined the team. It took him about 3 seasons of sheltered bottom 6 ice time before he could step into the role he has today. Podkolzin is a similar player in my opinion. He has potential to be a Horvat type shutdown 200 foot power player who can chip in offensively. He will need at least a couple years of playing in Vancouver and working out with their trainers. Getting his skating stride faster and more powerful, getting his timing and shot down. He will be the player we need but it will take time and hard work on his part.
  12. Tobias Bjornfot and Victor Soderstrom looked really good to me. Happy with what I'm seeding from Costmar. Im hopeful Podkolzin can score a couple goals and prove doubters wrong
  13. This is how I see it going. Competition will be intense for the bottom spots but I see the young prospects as having a higher ceiling than the veteran guys so Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Virtanen Roussel Sutter Gaudette Hawrlyuk Beagle Motte Hughes Myers Edler Schmidt Juolevi Benn Demko Hotly Taxi Squad 1. Goalie - Di Pietro 2. Left D - Rathbone 3. Right D - Chatfield or Rafferty 4. LW - Hoglander 5. C - Michaelis or Graovac 6. RW - MacEwan or Bailey when Podkolzin is ready Sutter or Roussel can go to make room
  14. I have a feeling a lot of bandwagon Canucks fans are going to know his name after this tournament!
  15. Juolevi will still have to work hard on improving his footwork and positioning. But his offence with the puck is on point.
  16. Happy for Justin, he has never been more ready to play NHL hockey. Buffalo rushed him in. 28 goals in the AHL is pretty good. He can give Virtanen some competition at camp.
  17. Personally I see Juolevi having a breakout season and proving a lot of doubters wrong
  18. I expect us to be picking around 20-25 in the first round. Still good players found in that range.
  19. He will make the team this year!
  20. Nothing to credible just someone at the dog park said a doctor told them this. Take it for what is. Just trying to give people a heads up if their is any truth to it
  21. Hearing second hand, that as of Sunday everyone will be forced to stay inside. That date is not confirmed. Any last minute necessities should be picked up tomorrow. Expect a potential 3- 4 month lockdown. People will still be permitted to get things of need like food and medication etc. Might be similar to Italy
  22. By March of 2021 we will have a complete economic breakdown in Canada. Another Great Recession except this one will be worse. The government will borrow money and print cash as long as it can to keep things afloat a little while longer. Many other countries will do the same. A new global economic model will be implemented. Great future cities will emerge like Neom in Saudi Arabia along with new regions of power. USA will be less important. A civil war might happen in America. WW3 might still happen which will allow the shift in global power and the right off of debts. Now might be the time to buy real estate in Egypt on the Red Sea Coast. I dont trust Jack Ma. 4 months ago he was running an internet business now he's the guy donating Corona tests? Him Bill Gates and some of the other Silicon Valley moguls have me suspicious. I could be totally wrong. This agenda could fall apart. Nobody knows the future. People predicting things are often wrong. Everything could go back to normal in a months time. Only thing to fear is fear itself. Get ready for mandatory curfew and vaccines.
  23. Are people getting to take work off?