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  1. I don't think JB would have signed him if it meant he was only available for some games.
  2. I think EP is creative enough to keep morphing as needed but injuries are always my concern with an 8 year contract. We were so lucky with the Sedins being so team-first and less concerned with money than winning in Vancouver.
  3. EP is our best player. If it came down to it, dangling QH to NJ (or a team with a good D in return) would likely be the better way forward. Hopefully they both sign because alternative options are less desirable.
  4. 4th wave or not, COVID wasn't going away that quickly and there's still ongoing concerns of new variants given that only 33% of the world has been fully vaccinated (and those who have them will need boosters very soon). No way Vancouver wanted a repeat of last season neither, so my best guess was that there was an expectation around the time of signing that vaccination would be a given.
  5. I was getting quite frustrated towards EP and QH (and their agent)......but hearing about Hamonic, I'm now giving pause. Hopefully the wait is to see if it's a short contract (with Hamonic in the lineup) or a longer contract (with Hamonic's money freed up). The latter may require more money movement but it still may be relevant. Here's the big question for me - where are EP and QH today and tomorrow? If they're still in the US, then my guess is this has nothing to do with Hamonic and they're not expecting a deal in the next few days. If a couple of pending deal options are ready to go but based on Hamonic, I would expect them to be here by tomorrow in preparation for Friday.
  6. Take out Hamonic and consider the likelihood of a couple of injuries soon and it's not so funny!
  7. Pretty hard to get a top 4 guy through waivers though
  8. Oh man, losing Hamonic now would really be tough. Having the money to hopefully secure a longer term plan with QH and EP would be great, but holy man do we ever need some cheaper young guys to really step up in a hurry. That or JB to work some magic in a big trade. I know Tanev wasn't at his best before we lost him, but he played decent last season I believe and keeping him in this group would have really been nice (cap, ugh).
  9. Reasonable comment, but the reason for quoting Green wasn't about Ollie or a bag skate at all. I wouldn't have bothered sharing the Green quote if Rob had respectfully disagreed. Instead, he blasts back with some bite about not having a clue about the game, don't know what it's like, etc. I respect his thoughts and his background, but I hope for less ego and more respect on these boards. Hence, I decided to share the coach's summary of the day to hopefully soften the tone on these boards.
  10. Oh I agree. He'll be on the team and will hopefully be valuable going forward. Hey, I know a fraction of hockey compared to @Rob_Zepp. I respect that. I just didn't like the attack about how people with different opinions are armchair people who know nothing. Pretty strong and insulting reaction. I don't know bag skates but I understand competition and climbing the ladder well. Rob's experience and thoughts are useful to the board, but more valuable when he's open to the idea that other's may not be completely wrong despite not playing professional hockey. So I offer up Green's comments with hopes of humble pie in this case.
  11. “I don’t think he did himself any favours,” said Green on Saturday about Juolevi’s training camp, particularly in the day one bag skate. “There’s a battle going on for that spot. He’s been through it before, I would have expected him to do better than he did in the skate.” https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/canucks-hockey/canucks-camp-notes-the-hoglander-boeser-connection-and-the-hamonic-question-4458785 I took a lot of heat from @Rob_Zepp and others about commenting on how the bag skate wasn't a good look for OJ. Not that OJ wasn't good enough, but how it wasn't a good look. A bag skate is just a bag skate until you are compared with those wanting your job......according to the coach.
  12. I didn't know about this. That could be an interesting twist. So perhaps EP and QH holding off could be a mutual strategy (JB and EP/QH) based on Hamonic since this money could be impactful with the term???
  13. This team is not contending yet. JB thinks 2 years and he may not be far off. I give this team more than a 5 year window. More like 7-8 with the next two years building towards that. So this really is important to have a 3 or 7-8 year contract in my mind.
  14. The scariest part of this ongoing saga is that it sounds like EP is pushing to be free asap in the UFA stage. This could be about money and control.....I get that. It's just a bit sad because a player who likes who he plays with and the city he's playing in is probably less worried about losing a couple of years of UFA if he's paid adequately. If this is on JB's mind, he absolutely has to stick to a short term or a long term.
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