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  1. Ice time will increase and that should not be an issue. Starting on the road with travel like the NHL will be new to him and will need time to adjust. Playing in back to back games watch him crack the 13 min mark tonight. Time management is very important for young guys.
  2. If he was a forward I’d agree. Top 4 and bottom pair is how you would describe a Dman.
  3. Saw a pic of him from today or yesterday. He’s looking jacked and will probably be one of the top 5 for player fitness on the team. Maybe even the top. Juolevi has his work cut out for him.
  4. He’s 6’2 according to Jim Benning
  5. Gusev for me. Played with Podkolzin briefly and would round out the offence if there is a injury. Would also add multiple options to shakeup the lineup.
  6. Nope. Wrong, that has been confirmed.
  7. Why are people still talking about his height? It’s been reported in here that Benning has confirmed he is 6’2 205. 6’2 205. Only thing changing from here on out is his weight
  8. Yes. No matter where he plays this year it slides. AHL, KHL, SHL, QMJHL
  9. I heard otherwise. Think I read it on Canucks army that it slide no matter where he plays next year to the following. I could have read false information though.
  10. No it slides for a year unless he plays more than 10 games with the big team (Vancouver Canucks)
  11. Yeah I’d like to see one big guy who can play in the lineup. Ritchie was my target but that ship has sailed and I’m glad we didn’t give out that contract. I hope Jim targets someone but more than likely if he does it’s at the trade deadline.
  12. I’m hoping we go Defense the next 3 drafts regardless of where we are picking. First and second round picks if we have them. The next 5 years should be our window and we need some high end D prospects that are labeled “can’t miss” top 4.
  13. He was referencing that he is good at doing all the little things good. That was his Knick name in Vancouver “little things Loui”. WOOOSH!!! Right over eh? Lol. He is not a fan of the player Loui Eriksson.
  14. Interesting battle for that bottom LHD position. Curious to see if Juolevi puts in the work knowing this season is his shot to show why the Canucks took him 5th overall. I think Rathbone is going to show him up and have an outstanding year. He looked like a great player last year and it was my first time being able to see him. He’s a top 3/4 Dman in his prime.
  15. I hope we run 3 lines this year and pair up two good players each line. Petey/Bo Horvat/Garland Miller/Hoglander That would allow us to fill out the rest of those lines with Pearson, Podkolzin, Dickinson/Motte. if we can add one more offensive guy to that group via discount “Tatar” we could really be on to something. That would slide Dickinson, Motte, Sutter as a pure shutdown line and PK duties.
  16. Our Defence scares me. I’m disappointed that we didn’t poach a quality Dman before the expansion draft. Had lots of teams scrambling to get assets for something they were afraid of losing. I hope we get a big shutdown guy that plays the body and makes people look over their shoulder. Hate that Myers is scheduled to get a lot of minutes and is our top option for RHD. Zadorov or Hanakapaa would have been great. Graves/Mayfield/Weager/Toews type.
  17. We actually signed four one way contacts to the RSD today with Keeper.
  18. I’m very optimistic with the signing. I always loved Tanev and hope he plays like Tanev lite.
  19. By all account I can see this is a bad signing. Listening to Jets fans they have no idea what Benning saw in him. Hopefully there is some untapped potential here and he develops into a number 5 Dman.
  20. Why can’t we just bite the bullet and give up assets for a top RHD. We had the cap to do it and it seems this team is destined to have holes in the RHD for as long as the franchise exists. The only disappointment with creating all this cap.
  21. Part of #worstcrewever ive seen it firsthand at the OB in White Rock. The “crew” has lived to see another day
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