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  1. Complete speculation out of my end but maybe it does have something to do with COVID. Players and management prolly upset with how the wife was openly admitting to breaking protocols in some interview? Again just speculation
  2. You never really know with this management group but I suspect that they have a plan. Might not be something we necessarily like or agree with but they have to have one in order to be able to sign deals like TPs. If I were to take a guess I could see a potential Loui buyout, a trade of one of Or both Beagle/Roussel, and maybe them banking on the Kraken taking Holtby (I highly doubt it tho with his performance this year)
  3. Ya well tell that to the guy who actually made this post
  4. This was definitely written pre-maturely and then edited pre-maturely. I’m not saying we make the playoffs but it’s obviously still within reach. — Win out against Montreal ur in a playoff spot. Considering how many games we have left against OTT, and if we beat EDM in our remaining bouts we’re in a playoff spot. Still tons of pathways to the playoffs. Again I’m not saying definitively we will make it, but we can’t rule it out *at this point
  5. "there was no way to make up the ground" not saying this happens but TECHNICALLY, let's say that the only team left within reach is EDM hence (TOR,WPG and MTL secure top 3). we are 10 points behind with games in hand factored in and play them 6 more times. This is theoretically one the "ways" to make up ground, is to win 5/6 games at least against EDM. Having said that I think we miss the playoffs by like 10ish points
  6. If it were this year and they wanted Quinn NJD gets: Quinn, Loui, Roussel VAN gets: 1st this year unprotected, 1st next year, a 2nd, Severson, Ty Smith, Merkley, Foote + future considerations basically if you want the only "franchise" dman we've ever had then you're gonna have to give us your entire future LOL
  7. You know what’s crazy about this? if we just handed Demko the reigns all out and not paid Holtby 4.5M + let Jake walk this could have been possible
  8. So does anyone know if Aquaman still trusts this management? 2-9-2 and in 3rd last of league standings with both DET and OTT having 2 games in hand on us. I don’t care if you look at this problem either top-down or bottom-up, something needs to change! You could argue players are better than this but lack of effort is noticeable, so it could be on them. maybe it’s the coach’s fault for not getting the guys to buy in. Or maybe this group just isn’t good enough which is ultimately JBs fault. How far we’ve fallen since last years playoffs
  9. I think this post is titled exactly how it is... "almost" out of reach. As much I want to remain optimistic about our playoff chances, the reality is that we're currently on pace to not do so. However, I think it's important you take into account that, yes, while it's only divisional games and a team will always be getting points, this also means that a team is not getting points\losing. If we just take these next few games for example, if the Canucks can go 4-0 this drastically changes the % of us making it to the playoffs. just looking at the schedule for each of the teams we're chasing: WPG, EDM & CGY --- look what a 4 game winning streak and a conservative prediction for the other teams' 4 games could do. WPG: 2-2(2 losses against VAN) \ 23pts - 20gp (0.575P%) EDM: 2-2(2 losses against VAN\2 wins against CGY) \ 24pts - 22gp (0.545P%) CGY: 2-2(2 losses against EDM\2 wins against TOR| \ 21pts - 20gp (0.525P%) VAN: 4-0 \ 25pts - 24gp (0.521P%) just like that we're back in the race especially considering we realistically only have to beat out EDM & CGY for that 4th spot AND we play them each about 5 more times. I still think it's relatively early to completely count us out since the outlook could look completely different in a week due to divisional games, but hey, if we don't go 4-0 as I mentioned above it only becomes a steeper hill to climb.
  10. Can you stop trying to defend your heinous comment. No boeser can’t walk because 1. He’s an RFA 2. All those you mentioned were in the last stretch of their career looking to get one more shot at the cup. 3. Boeser has stated many times to the media he wants to stay, now unless he comes out and says otherwise or u have proof of him wanting out, don’t assume “he’s likely to walk” even though that’s not possible. 4. Did you really suggest Bo might do the same? One thing I will say about Benning is that he’s fostered a group of very “character” guys. Now why would Bo, who just received the honour of wearing the C walk? Until these guys actually come out and say these things just stop
  11. Very unlikely. Drafted here, been through good and bad times, and just got captaincy. Only way he walks is if this team absolutely goes down the hill or management refuses to pay.
  12. Not saying they’re right but to be fair Rafferty, Juolevi and Rathbone don’t even play LOL. But I see you’re point
  13. You can’t blame the player for signing a multi million deal. JB offered it. Not to mention Myers makes 6M, Beagle + Roussel make 6M, Edler makes 6M, the list goes on. Just evidence of some very poor cap allocation.
  14. Yeah sounds about right, should prolly use that cap to fix this horrid dcore
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