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  1. Remember when almost everyone wanted this guy or glass and were so disappointed when JB picked petey lmao
  2. Let’s get him we need him lmao jks. Man am I glad we past those years of trying to go after these types of players
  3. Lmfao hey I have a great idea. Let’s trade our elite dman and watch him flourish with another organization. Wouldn’t that be awesome everyone? Hey wouldn’t it? WELL WOULDN’T IT
  4. I’d really like to see our players this year. And I really want to see if OEL and Myers can showcase themselves with a far different defensive group than a few years ago.
  5. Welp Schmidt going back to Vegas for whitecloud and a 2nd lmao
  6. I would say no one is going through arbitration so there would be no buyout window if not bought out today
  7. Should jus sign him with no clauses and trade him to Pitt lol same with marky. Get a couple picks from Detroit lmao
  8. LOL, it was still fun to watch now who wants to trade Sutter and Beagle haha
  9. Can someone make a "Leave Brittany alone" remix and put Louie name instead that be stupid hilarious
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