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  1. I like his style of play to, he is a north/south guy with speed and size, likes to hit and can put the puck in the net. What is there not to like about Jake's game?
  2. I think that there is more to Gaunce's game, I think he may very well take Burr's spot, Baertchi is actually quite tough, he likes to play in middle more than on the boards, it is easier to score from the middle of the ice than on the boards.
  3. I am not being self righteous at all, just a suggestion, take it as you will. Life is all choice, I was only presenting another choice:) have a great night my friend.
  4. The bible is not about dinosaurs, we could totally get into a debate around creation vs. science, this is not the place, I recommend that you find a Church in your area and go ask the pastor about some of this. I am well versed in this area, but again this is not the place for this topic. Or you could talk to me in a private conversation if you prefere, your choice=:)
  5. Jake will be fine, in two years we will have the power forward everyone is seeking, this year will be a bit better for him, possibly 20-25pts. He is worth the wait.
  6. Cole is a smart player, he will find his way. Imo we will see him in a couple of more years, as maybe a shut down center/lw on the 3rd or 4th line.
  7. So discrimination and rejection reigns supreme, for some reason I am not surprised. "Though they have eyes they do not see, though they have ears they do not hear, their hearts are caloused and they do not understand." Matthew 13:14-15
  8. Whom shall I fear? Because of my faith, it won't be me that has a hard time. It is not the words of men that I fear. By the way this does not discourage me in any way from sharing my faith either, I am a pastor.
  9. Yes he does, you should ask him about that some time.
  10. Baertchi has huge potential, if he can keep improving he will become a superstar. He has crazy skill and can skate like the wind, I would keep him with Horvat and Hansen/Virtanen
  11. Neill will end up being a sixth or seventh D-man in about three years, he is reliable and can move the puck well. I see him being kind of like Hutton but slower which is why I would put him at six or seven, but he is still young and has time to improve. If he gets faster he will get a roster spot.
  12. My dream for this year is, the Sedins plus Luoi don't do the Kenmore spin cylcle, I hope that they play more in front of the net and get more shots. The frustrating thing about the Sedins is how talented they really are, especially Hank, I wish he would shot more when he has the opportunity instead of passing the puck away when he has the goalie flat on his back, it just blows my mind when he does that.
  13. Looks awesome!!!! here is hoping that he and the Sedins can develop some good chemistry and do some damage.
  14. If he can bulk up a bit, maybe. Sounds like a decent player, hhhhmmm.
  15. That would be awesome, another Salo bomb from the point is just what we need for our struggling PP.
  16. I know that Etem is way better than that, if he can put some heart into his game and bring honest effort every shift, i don't think that 30pts would be out of the question for Etem.
  17. I agree, but i think he could do anywhere between 40-60pts. He was going at a pretty good clip last year until he was injured. If he was healthy all season last year he would have put up about 55pts. If WD were to put Virtanen and Granlund with Sutter, this might be a sweet line.
  18. Agreed, I think that we could take a page out of Detroit's book as far as player development goes. We need to take our time with guys like Oli, because who knows,the extra two years of development could turn him into the next Doughty, or Kieth, wouldn't that be awesome!! Detroit has a knack for drafting average young players, and three to four years later they are superstars.
  19. Granlund looked pretty good, he just needs a real chance to prove his worth. He is quick and shifty, I think he could be one of those sleeper players that goes from zero to hero, he has the smarts and skill and the right attitude, here is hoping.
  20. I have looked at 3 different scouting reports on Oli, they all have different hights and weights, lol. So I just took a ballpark average, those reports do confirm your claim about smarts, skating, and puck movement. Like i said I can't wait to see him in action in camp, and who knows maybe preseason, i really hope that he is every bit as good as you say, we really need that on the blue line:)
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