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  1. I like the Stralman option too. I think Florida saves a bit of money and Vancouver could even buy out Stralman at 2.5m cap hit for two years and less than 1m(?) for two more years. I am sure there would be other pieces going to Florida, maybe back and forth, but I don't know what those would be. A less popular option would be to see if NJ would part with ... (lowers head) ... P.K. Subban for Eriksson and Baertchi. Vancouver actually gains cap space and NJ saves $$. Vancouver jettisons two unused wingers for a useable RHD who elevates in the playoffs. I think he still has fire in th
  2. I'd be surprised, as some have said, if Boeser isn't in any counterproposal from NYR.
  3. I think Subban and his contract are a perfect fit for Vancouver. I thought he played his best hockey right after the trade from Montreal. I think it would take more than what if being offered and should not include this year's 10th or Stetcher. Maybe: 2019 2nd rd 2020 1st (top 5 protected, no protection for 2021 if bumped ) & 2020 3rd 2023 2nd (turns to first if re-signed in Vancouver) Jalen Chatfield To Van: Subban 2019 3rd I think 1 first (+1st if resigned) 2nd
  4. Yeah maybe it's off, but it was based on Florida wanting to get rid of Reimer and bring in goalie Bob and Panarin and therefore they needed the cap dump. I disagree that Sutter and Tanev are cap dumps at 50% retained and have good value. Their injury misfortunes have to change sometime and at 50% salary they figure nicely into 3rd line centre 2nd or third pairing right side D. The Hoffman for a third was if they decide to go after EK65.
  5. Has anyone looked at Seider? He has been a latish bloomer? Trade down for an extra pick?
  6. I think Florida's problem next year would be goaltending and D. Goaltending because if Luongo is done and rides out his contract on LTIR (which I have heard in a rumour and only a rumour) then they have Reimer at 3.4 million. I am not sure Reimer has the full confidence of Tallon but I don't know that for sure either. But even if Tallon does like Reimer, does he like him at 3.4 when he could have Goalie Bob (with Panarin) if rumours are true that he and Panarin would like to play together). This rumour appears so often I am starting to think it is more than just rumours.
  7. Is there a box score or stat sheet somewhere. Couldn't catch the game and can't find anything CDC Edit: Just saw Ossi's post. Thanks.
  8. Sorry don't have time to read all the posts. HAs that been announced already, because I heard people were excited that he and Dahlen (sp?) might play together in Utica. Sorry I don't have time to research. If you could reply I would really appreciate!! Thanks.
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