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  1. Blown 2 goal lead. Delay of game. Broken stick. Good Knight everyone!
  2. Normally the shutouts would have me worried. But I look back to the 2007 series against Dallas. Okay, not the most accurate comparison. But I'm willing to take assurances from any source right meow.
  3. Say what you want about the individual CBC commentators, but as a group, this is the best panel I can ever remember.
  4. If the choice is not to play hockey, and take a moment to reflect on bigger aspects of life, then let's not waste this time out. Take the moment to discuss and listen. My contributions to the subject, I'm afraid, are limited to spectator. But I won't be a sleepy passenger. I'll follow along and try to learn something.
  5. If you have to ask, then don't ask. Your thoughts have pulled away from your own knowledge.
  6. Seriously glorious when the Canucks play the great hockey they can play.