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  1. In spite of his size he comes across as more of a "gentle giant" than a Stevens/Pronger/Chara/Byfuglien type. I don't think he's too interested in the physical stuff. He can do it when needed but he'd rather not.
  2. Just saw the news—so disappointing. I had Tryamkin as one of the cornerstones of the rebuild. However, he was only one piece of a complex puzzle so management will just have to revise their plans accordingly. As one door closes, another invariably opens—we'll see.
  3. I'm really starting to wonder about Edler. In flashes he's a top four guy, then sometimes he looks like a real liability out there. What's going on?
  4. Thought he was missing on a cylinder tonight, but I've got to think he's going to be keeper for sure!
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