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  1. If Petey signs and offer sheet, would you want Benning to offer sheet Brady Tkachuk?
  2. and ditched Marleau for a 1st, even though he could still play and got nothing back. Sure we also lost a 1st, but we got Garland. We also ditched our dead cap for OEL, who is better than any Leaf LHD.
  3. yup. There's no way he plays out that last year in TO. Jones has set the precedent.
  4. Matthews is going to pull a Seth Jones and announce before his last season that he won't be re-signing with TO. He may even try to pull that next summer.
  5. Biden is willing to compromise. For some, that makes him a bad politician. But isn't that what we all complain about, having politicians that are willing to work across the aisle and find a workable compromise? we're a fickle bunch.
  6. Shanapus is going to have to tear it down after next year.
  7. saying Tanev was injured a lot wasn't a slag, it was just true. His deal is really good for him, you could argue it could have worked here but he was a cap casualty. I think a lot of people were sad to see him go, not sure where you're getting this idea from.
  8. me too. I think its the judgemental angle to it, I'm not sure we deserve the vibe that he's glad to leave a crappy team. It was a throw away year. He probably just doesn't fit the chill vibe on the room. Brock gives off surfer vibes, whereas Nate seems to bounce off walls. Time to let it go though. I wouldn't live in Winnipeg, so I consider us even.
  9. Lucic has redeemed himself a little bit, he at least scored on a 3rd liner pace a lot of the time.
  10. not by the homers he wasn't. It was the fancy stats kids that rode him hard on here for supposedly not having any offensive abilities. The regulars on here loved him.
  11. I've been thinking about developing a free educational resource, just not quite sure how to approach it yet. Its not directly related to residential schools, the idea is around highlighting first nations technologies, something that can be used in the K-12 system to highlight the kinds of really cool design went in to things like kayaks, igloos, pottery, etc.
  12. I would imaging Larionov would encourage him to sign here as well. I was a little concerned when I saw he was working out with Goldobin.
  13. who isn't seeking to make money? do you work for free?
  14. "big Pharma" So I'm guessing if you need blood pressure medication you're not gong to take it, since you know that might lead to government over reach.
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