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  1. Interesting. I need to spend some time looking at this, but I appreciate the effort.
  2. when did Petey get intimidated? he was solid in the bubble. Our bubble playoff team was hard to play against, no one intimidated them. We have a number of better, and snarlier, players added since.
  3. A guy I used to work with said things get really crazy when the stakes are low enough. These threads on bottom 6 or 4th line guys always lead to the weirdest fights because the roster spot is least important. No one fights like this about Petey. Poolman looks like a solid bet to be a regular #5, occasional 4 when injuries happen. Anyone arguing for days that he isn't is just in it to argue.
  4. one useful thing from this thread is, if one cares to look, is stuff like this ^. We can see why Jim and his crew are making the bet on this guy. You'll never be able to get anywhere with the "but what if he sucks in 4 years" group, its all speculation. What you and others have shown is there are some sound fundamental things to like about this guy. Now we get to see who he meshes with best at camp.
  5. I'd like to see Canada boycott the games, if our guys are still in jail and Meng is still in her mansion, or worse back in China.
  6. Evolving Hockey pegged Poolmans next deal at 2.4 AAV. I'm too cheap to spend the $5 to look at their salary tool, but maybe someone on here has a subscription. They are one of the more well respected fancy stats sites now, so you'd think that would end the argument with those trying to use stats to say he's not worth 2.5. Ah well.
  7. I never said they were the only option, but they can be a good one. Our 2010 games proved that in spades. Using the infrastructure still here to host 2030 make a great deal of sense. Its also a favourite talking point, sometimes quite justified, by anti-development folks, but thats not the case for Vancouver. I just don't see a good reason to not host them again in 2030 given the realized benefits from 2010, and being able to use most of the facilities once again. I also think this time around theres a big opportunity to create more actual social housing.
  8. The Hockey Guy did a video on this years schedule, it looks like it crams a lot of games into December for us. One nice aspect of it tho is only 12 back to backs, which is a few less than a lot of teams.
  9. nothing whatsoever. I'm not anti-union.
  10. and thats fine, it doesn't have to be for everyone. We had a house for years, very happy to downsize from it. I'd rather be hiking than mowing a lawn. We also happen to know our neighbours. Its not a competition or you vs. me.
  11. Come on now, certainly you can see that there are investments that continue to help the economy that are unique opportunities. Again, strip away the false us vs them pov and you can see that. If it was just a 3 week party with no lasting benefits you'd have a point, but there are many lasting benefits.
  12. I think you'd agree you need major infrastructure to grow new communities and actives. I'd hope you'd also agree that Whistler is a major economic engine for BC. We also happen to get access to everything between here and there for more actives anyone can enjoy. Once you strip away the 'its just for rich people" thing its pretty hard to argue that the 99 upgrade is a bad thing.
  13. but thats a false argument, that money wouldn't have been there for those items. Its these false "us vs them" arguments that the anti-development community seems to need to lean on. When you look at the actual benefits it just isn't what they portray it to be.
  14. I'm on it 3x per week, all year round. I can tell you it is far safer than it was. how is the YVR line a questionable investment? But we did break even. IMO we are very lucky to have a strong tourism and business anchor like the convention centre. I don't understand how its not eco-friendly? particularly compared to other industries. yes I do support free enterprise, and so does Horgan as long as there are good union jobs attached.
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