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  1. thats just too much of a contrast in the first 6 seconds. It should come with a warning.
  2. thats OK, not everyone has the stomach for it. These are the guys I'm referring to in particular: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/after-shadowy-trials-what-awaits-canadas-two-michaels
  3. honestly I'd like to keep all three. They each bring different elements.
  4. for sure. Jake will be someone's Skille, just like Skille was for us. I'm just not ready to all OJ a bust yet, but I could see him packaged in a trade now that we've seen Rathbone. Its all doom and gloom around here at the moment, but there's a really good core group of kids here now. I'm looking forward to hopefully some big and positive changes, this place needs an airing out.
  5. I really think Jake will be Bennings only "bust" pick of his time here. OJ may end up playing on another team but he'll be a regular NHL player. Its unfortunate with Jake, the physical tools were there but who knew he was dumb? it would be hard to differentiate that in a crowd of 18 year old guys.
  6. its the pure arrogance of the man, the way he treated players like Subban, his whining at us for fines, that kind of thing. He gets way too much credit for a team thats barely capable of making the playoffs, and has some pretty scary long term problems. I probably also use him as my prime example of whats lame out o the eastern part of the NHL, I could use others but he makes it easy.
  7. I think you need to do some homework
  8. it was, but I didn't want yellow fever and typhoid sounded un-fun.
  9. If this is the end of Jim's time here, his positives will long outlast his negatives, which is the way you'd want it. in one year his major cap gaffes will be gone but the good picks will be here for years. But I'm also ready for new management and what a better pro-hockey scouting group can do.
  10. unless she died from a covid-related complication.
  11. they still make those, I have one from the Vancouver travel clinic.
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