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  1. its rare, but it does work: https://www.southcoasttoday.com/sports/20170210/bruins-mid-season-coaching-changes-rarely-work-in-nhl most recently LA, Pits, St. Louis would be 3 from the last 10 years or so that found a lot of success with it.
  2. Burr's promotion is the best news of the day for me. Have a #14 jersey hanging in the closet.
  3. yeah for sure its not a finished product. Lucky we do have a number of things expiring this year and maybe expansion will give us a good trade opportunity for the bottom 6.
  4. agreed totally, that was awesome. I'm willing to give Roos the benefit of the doubt that JP tried something douchey on him and got whacked for it. Roussel is an annoying player, but he's not Matt Cooke.
  5. OK I've tried my best. So tell me, once we blow it all up, what do you want to see it replaced with?
  6. its an example of engagement. Van der Zalm, for better or worse, tapped into peoples frustrations over the HST and got it changed. We can debate the sense of it, but there's no denying a majority of people were heard and got what they wanted. We need to do this for many other things. There's no substitute for all of us getting more engaged and telling politicians what we want.
  7. I could maybe agree with that, except we saw what this F group could do when properly motivated in the playoff bubble. Anyway, I think its probably academic, mostly likely thing is Aquilini lets all this play out.
  8. that is oddly specific. Its things like demanding more representative government. Or easier voting systems (online, mail in). Or demanding more opportunities for petitions that carry real teeth in forming legislation. We lay back like collective sheep, maybe 60% bother to go vote, and then whine that we didn't get what we wanted.
  9. that may explain last night, but this team is much better on paper than what we see now, being at risk of being tied in wins with Ottawa. My 2 cents is Green and Baumer in particular have been unable to adapt to losing Marky and Tanev. Maybe another coach can. But like I said to Ajax, I'd like to hear whats special about Green that he must be kept, vs trying a more experienced NHL coach like Gallant or Julien, e.g.
  10. most people only pay attention every 4 years. That is not the fault of politicians that people are disengaged. You have a responsibility as a citizen to give a $&!#.
  11. I think changing coaches may be a good option. It does work sometimes to defibrillate teams into playing better. Sometimes not. I'm not laying it all on the coaches, but its an easier change than major personnel ones, and right now being down with Ottawa I don't see the risk. But I'm open to arguments on what Green brings to this team and why we should stick by him.
  12. the majority of what? from your comments I can only assume you don't know how our system works or how we've developed the systems we have.