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  1. Here's some in-between meal philosophy to chew on- apparently physicists say we have no free will. 




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    2. Nuxfanabroad


      Like to get mt daily dose of these deeper-dive, high-brow stuff from a youtuber named,

      Quasimandias. (recommended)

    3. bishopshodan



      Might watch them vids.

      I have always thought of particles like Billiard balls. Once the big bang released them, like breaking the rack in Billiards, they should have calculable destinations..

      So, no free will. 

    4. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      its kind of a scary idea, actually, because there would be no way for you to really know if everything really is predetermined. It would break down pretty quickly if you tried to use it as an excuse for cheating on your girlfriend. 

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