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  1. @Alflives instead of Nuge, why not make a run at Hyman? I think he'd fit Green's game much better, he's good on either wing and brings some bite.
  2. I wonder if thats enough for CBJ.... I'd hate to lose Rathbone but from a hockey pov you do that deal all day assuming there's an extension in place. Don't want Nuge. He's Western Marner.
  3. thats pretty telling.... some not great decisions there. Bo is at the top of the list (from a good pov)
  4. the deal I'd want for Sammy is the 9th + Loui for SR. If not, its not worth it. But if we can replace Loui with Sammy thats a huge win, because we don't waste a year of Petey, Bo, Miller, Brock, etc's best years.
  5. oh for sure, that would be a fireable offence for me if Jim did that.
  6. thanks, so Domi would not meet that definition. But given his surgery he'd be exposed for sure imo.
  7. yeah the woo can be a bit much. No, no salt. Its not the kind of hate you carry, just bubbles up when I hear him speak.
  8. This story is pretty sad. I don't understand why Singh didn't do more to help her stay as an MP. Nunavut MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq says departure from Parliament not the end of her story https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/mumilaaq-qaqqaq-parliament-departure-1.6068711
  9. How can you say that before seeing the trade?
  10. I hear you, I didn't want that guy anywhere near this team. Fits Calgary perfectly.
  11. Drouin for sure, I could see Seattle flipping Domi for a 2nd if they retain salary?
  12. not me. I can't stand their fans, particularly when they are in Rogers Arena signing their little 'ole song. An that arrogant GM. Je me souviens.
  13. How ridiculous. But i guess when you're a hammer everything looks like a nail.
  14. For sure. 9th and Loui for SR would be great for us. I really want to see us get an extra 2nd round pick - theres a few good RHDs there.
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