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  1. I don't, I think Green prefers to.retaliate on the score sheet. The problem with that tho is other teams know there won't be any physical deterrent.
  2. I suspect the ceiling cost for Zadorov is a 2nd, since you could get him via offer sheet and thats all you'd have to give CHI for him in that scenario. I'd think a 3rd would get it done.
  3. yup there's no defence of that one. Sammy got a little froggy. He'll sit for one game for sure.
  4. only through coaching, I think we have a number of guys that would be fine to engage more if it was allowed.
  5. meh, he tried an AHL move and got burned. I'm sure he'll be better tomorrow.
  6. it would sting losing Motte, but I don't mind the idea of protecting the future. Motte seems to be struggling with injuries as well so maybe Seattle avoids him anyway. Tallon.... I wonder how that would play here? the #firebenning crowd would love the change. Tallon as president hockey ops, Gillaman as GM might cause heads to explode.
  7. damn Jan, you dream big I wonder if we really want to hit the reset button, maybe exposing Nate Schmidt to Seattle is the first step.... hear me out. We got him for very little cost, so losing him for creating cap space is actually worthwhile. Clearing 6 mil in cap space for a 3rd rounder is something you'd take any other time. If Seattle takes Nate, and honestly they'd be dumb not to, with that and a Virtanen buy out you can go get Hamilton. Add to that I think we could get Zadorov from CHI for a bargain. Hughes-Myers Juolevii-Hamilton
  8. I'm impressed with the leadership he's showing and he's not even 20 yet. Kids going to be a gem. I'm hoping we can steal another Russian player prior to expansion - maybe Zadorov from CHI? I don't think they will protect him. Could probably get him for cheap.
  9. thats true. Whoever replaces him tho still has the same lousy choice to make, between waiting another year or moving futures to fix some of the dead cap. How much do you spend to clear 1 year of Loui? or Roussel? A new GM doesn't bring a magic toolbox with him. I'm certainly open to upgrading our GM, but I don't expect miracles. The problems don't leave when Jim does.
  10. thats the idea, but how many times have we seen GMs make mistakes and other teams benefit (Hughes says 'hi') or you don't know for a while that you picked the wrong guy (i.e. Jake). Or sometimes the 1st or 2nd overall is decent but not remarkable (e.g.Hischier and Patrick). Outside of the really generational guys we just don't know, we can guess but thats all it is. There's too many risks we can't actually quantify to make a fully informed decision. I really am enjoying watching that. I'll be really surprised if Treliving has a job in two weeks.
  11. there's some sort of vortex in Alberta where people get too much money and start making bad decisions.
  12. exactly. You need luck somewhere, its not always in the 1st round.
  13. you can't say that either. We may have missed on other picks because of where we'd be in the draft. We probably wouldn't have Hughes or Petey.
  14. you're claiming not picking Tkachuk "set the team back years" but you can't support that statement.
  15. So much depends on the draft position too. If we're picking 35th vs. 55th e.g with that pick. But its also clear our core guys need better support. its a tough one.
  16. One of the reasons I think its necessary to explore what might be going on is I still see a lot of victim blaming type of thinking. So if its fair game to question her motivations we certainly can discuss what might be happening on Jakes side of this. Or if we don't want to use Jakes name, what a hypothetical person might do. As long as we stay respectful and don't accuse people of things, I think its a good exercise because when you start getting into it you can see how complicated these things can be.
  17. For that to be true, Tkachuk would need to have pushed Calgarys team forward by years. Which he hasn't. Calgary is as bad as we are this year with fewer excuses. Yes Jake has turned out to be a disaster, but I wouldn't call it franchise killing. Just sucks to waste a 1st rounder. But that draft produced Demko, which turned out to be a fantastic pick. I'd say Boeser at 23 makes up a lot of Jakes miss as well.
  18. the guy got his knee destroyed, its not like he's a slacker
  19. I guess I'd have to see the deal, but I just can't see anyone including Seattle taking on Loui for just a 2nd, and I'd hate to burn a potential top 4 d (often found in the 2nd round) on moving Roussel.
  20. I think because you really dug that hole for so long and maybe its your username.
  21. just an example of why things could be taking so long, not saying thats what he's done. He legitimately may not remember much of the night. I don't see a problem with respectful discussion on these things, I think it can help to understand all the different points of view.
  22. how is Benning supposed to control what some anonymous person tweets? be realistic, a GM can't bother thinking about that kind of crap.
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