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  1. god I hope so. If they don't, I really can't think of any future time that they will. yup. The lack of planning is pretty obvious. We run our health system on a just-in-time model, with the barest of resources, and yet, its really expensive. We need a wave of real substantive changes in how we run our health system. So we'll see. a band-aid is all you have when you haven't planned properly. I actually think we have enough money but it comes down to really crappy planning. I hear you. My dad has now has hospital acquired pneumonia, getting a covid test this am.
  2. I feel badly for the teachers, and not the least bit ironic that they aren't getting good information on their situation. But this prison thing is just ripe for political spin, I hate this $&!# so much now. Lets look at it for what it is, a necessary thing no one wants to, but has to, do.
  3. no. There is a totally captive, known source that puts the entire community at greater risk. Everything else is just spin.
  4. people need to take the narratives out of this. Its a necessary evil, if you want to frame it that way.
  5. this is a red herring, not to mention a false equivalence. No one is putting prisoners "above" teachers. You're making fake lines, this is a public health emergency with a virus that doesn't see the lines you do.
  6. it'll be interesting to see which d pairing Green likes to put out when Pearson-Bo-Hog's are on. That line is going to give up more chances against than with TT or Loui, but also be more dynamic and likely give up the puck a bit more.
  7. totally agree. its a no-win situation for the gov't. You have a known, captive, outbreak source with links to the community, they can't let it go unchecked. Its a no-win situation. I just don't like the con's whipping up empty anger over it, we don't need more of that right now. If there was a literal fire burning in the prison you'd put it out. ^ this.
  8. Can we stop believing the "but the left" excuses when the alt-right starts celebrating? "but ANTIFA" doesn't really work when you're posting celebratory pics of yourself in the capital.
  9. you and I are in very similar circumstances with parental risk, so I know where you're coming from. Its a no-win situation that the con's are playing with. Prisons are a location where you have to act because it is what it is, a test tube for growing covid. It has nothing to do with how people got there.
  10. prison aren't dungeons. People work here, get exposed and bring it out into the world. This is just conservatives trying to whip up anger.
  11. when can Hamonic join the team? any chance he's in for tomorrow nights scrimmage?
  12. that would never happen, can't compel him to testify. However, it is Trump, so he probably wouldn't shut up. true. We'll see, maybe he's actually afraid of Pelosi, this time she really has him by the nads and there are republican senators openly saying they'll consider impeaching him.
  13. very high on Motte. Rous and Beagle would depend on fit.
  14. both republican senate candidates that lost in Georgia have conceded now, so at least the US is spared that $&!# show. More importantly, it means Biden will have no issues naming the cabinet he wants. We might be on the verge of a non-crazy US gov't again.
  15. probably too hard to get past 1st amendment rights... he didn't say "go kill a DC cop" so it probably doesn't get past a judge. This is one of those up to congress things, so glad to see impeachment 2.0 is on its way. Hopefully the SOB resigns on Sunday to avoid the embarrassment.
  16. it was great when Biden called out the antics for what they were, didn't hesitate to call it domestic terror.
  17. just for asset purposes. you would not put Mac on waivers right now over Loui.
  18. awesome. I've been to that airport - its really small. It would get freaky in a hurry if that mob decided to get physical.
  19. seems like a good idea if they go that way. I suspect he won't need much AHL time, and we might even see him back for the playoffs.
  20. I'm guessing their o-zone starts were around 10% during those minutes
  21. thats hilarious. Sure, Nancy had the evidence right next to the mints in the desk drawer. The Achilles heel of Trump supporters is what binds them together, they're idiots.
  22. Loui will be on waivers, don't worry. No way they risk putting MacEwan on waivers and losing him, someone would pick Mac up for sure.