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  1. uh oh. Looks like someone was using a faulty slide rule. this is pretty funny tho, this is the kind of thing you'd think more than one person could have checked.
  2. its just a formality with Dickinson. Wouldn't be surprised to see him sign next week.
  3. Cuz they "did it right." Well, other than the winning part, but still.
  4. He is. The thing i dislike about him the most is his willingness to have guys miss camp. That can really mess with a guys season.
  5. Im just really curious what the pro scouts and coaches saw in TP. It could turn out to be a steal.
  6. I dunno, Nate seems like theres no filter betwwen his subconscious and his mouth. I wouldnt take it too serious.
  7. well, it was still worth a shot for the cost of a recovered 3rd. I don't really care if he didn't like the city, etc. thats his right. I wouldn't live in Winnipeg so that makes us even.
  8. with Tuch out 6 months, no Fleury, and no Reaves running around they are going to be easier to play against.
  9. maybe Nate is sour that his defensive liabilities got exposed a bit here?
  10. I don't think there is any way to know whats real or not here. All angles of it seem possible to me.
  11. So... we're going to have 9 or 10 guys we drafted and developed on the roster next season. Up to 12 the year after. Avg age of the F group is now 26. How is that not a rebuild?
  12. not sure the math checks out on that. We should have close to 20 mil to play with once a couple of guys are sent down, and you include LTI. That should be enough even for a long term Petey deal, a bridge for Hughes, and getting Dickinson and OJ re-signed.
  13. really good examples. I have no issues when its properly used, but the "WAR" + "that guy is crap" stuff gets thrown around its just too much.
  14. this thing is just going to get uglier and uglier. Maybe the best thing here is mutual termination.
  15. I think Berkie has it correct for the most part, you need some guys that can grind teams down over 7 games. Your entire team doesn't have to be that, but you do need some. If the refs let Myers hit like they let others hit, that would help a lot.
  16. I think the only way he gets traded is if its call for conditional picks. E.g, 2022 and 2023 conditional 1sts if he plays full seasons, something like that. Otherwise I don't think GMs will touch this with upfront assets.
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