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  1. someone is saying over on the Reddit that some team is interested in both Reinhart and Risto
  2. it would have to be such a bonus heavy, ridiculous deal that I might actually be happy for Petey. You know, Leafs money.
  3. Saw the Hip in Stanley Park, it was a great time. I think I was the only person there not high.
  4. I think people in Montreal would vote for him.... rest of Quebec, not a chance. Lovely scenery, lots of you-know-whats. The NDP is really effective sometimes as a 3rd party, maybe thats best. I'd be happy to keep minority gov'ts going and have that "conscience" in place to lean policy towards more social benefits.
  5. I hear you, just think there isn't a realistic scenario that we wouldn't match. If you're going to go offer sheet tho, make it count.
  6. Its the Tao of Jim. Everything Jim does has a ying and yang to it.
  7. yeah I think they'd have a nice fat majority win on that one. Do you really think that? I just don't see a lot of capability there, he really hasn't come out with anything viable since he took over. I think a lot of people would be happy to vote for him but his ideas are all really expensive and with our massive covid debt I just don't see how things like free Pharma can ever happen. yeah probably. I could see them running a very short campaign season, there won't be much of a ground game, and likely mail in voting will be a big part of it. Might be the easiest
  8. pretty solid run down of how good Petey is and how offer sheets work. I didn't know the NYR wanted to draft Petey.
  9. you might have a new Green leader between now and the next election. I can't see how she stays on tbh. O'Toole brings nothing, he was such a bad choice. I see that people like Singh's personality, but I don't see a real case there to really run the country. I'd like to see Freeland take over from Trudeau at this point. Maybe he's ready to move on.
  10. good point, I'd forgotten about Chatfield already.
  11. Paul is seeing conspiracies now. Maybe she's not actually cut out to be a leader? Can't win a seat, can't hold her tiny party together. TBH I don't even know what the Greens stand for at this point, whats their main platform?
  12. neck disc issues can take a really long time to resolve, he might be waiting as long as possible before going under the knife. Its not a nice surgery.
  13. that would seem about right for Canucks luck, watch the team ahead of us scoop up SR. But thats fine, I'm not dying to see Jim move that pick either. If we end up with McTavish that would be great too.
  14. its hard to sift out what's crap in Buffalo, thats true. Thats why I wouldn't want to pay much for him and I don't think many GMs will either. Thats why Reinhart is an interesting idea, he's been good on $&!#e teams, even without Eichel on his line.
  15. I guess if its a matter of 500k or something like that, thats OK but I don't want to see something like a 4 year term.
  16. No no to Bogo. Not enough left there to help us and we need a better skater paired with Quinn.
  17. It could also depend on how his pair is deployed next year too. I'm not sure we need to go out and find a perfect match for Quinn tho, the kid is so skilled I think he'll pick up more of his end over the next couple of years as he gains more experience. He's not even close to a finished product.
  18. thats true, its a lot of $ for a very long time for a guy with questions surrounding him. For Risto, I'd be hoping for something like Lind, 4th, Loui for Risto. Any more and its not worth it since its just a 1 year guarantee til he's a UFA.
  19. Buffalo might actually want to use Loui's 6 mil AAV to hit the floor for next year, once they trade JE and Risto they will have 46 mil in cap space No way they retain salary on JE tho. But if we could trade for Risto that included sending Loui and not the 9th that would be nice.
  20. makes a great deal of sense. My $ is on Dallas but we'll see. Unless Colorado is willing to part with Byram and Jost I don't see them taking on Kadri's salary to make this all work.
  21. I saw him do a solo show a few years ago, it was fantastic. One of the few old guys probably worth seeing still.
  22. it seems uninformed. I got my first shot as AZ and the second one likely Pfizer, so does that mean I get to sit in the balcony? I wonder what would possibly be driving this decision? seems like a knee jerk thing.
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