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  1. yup, just look no further than Binnington. I just think MTL has had the advantage of a bit more luck than usual, along with all the other positive things people are mentioning.
  2. some team will. Buffalo is floating a ridiculous balloon right now, but if someone actually presents them with a 1st and a C they'll grab it and run.
  3. the only deal I'd want Jim to do is something like two conditional 1sts, starting next year. If Eichel plays 60 games each year Buffalo gets our 1st, if not, a 3rd. I know they'd laugh and hang up, but I wouldn't trade certain assets for him with that neck problem, its too big a gamble.
  4. actually thats probably their best offer. Probably get Valimaki chucked in there too.
  5. the coaching change didn't really effect their W/L record tho, and they did kind of get into the playoffs by default, they really were not playing well at all. I am giving them credit for how they are playing in the Vegas series, its fun to watch them shut down Vegas. But its hard not to look at the things have really broke their way each round this year. I do think they still likely get by WPG, but I don't think they come back vs TO if Tavares is healthy.
  6. buy a lucky rabbits foot? a lot of things broke their way: 1) Tavares - do they beat TO if he's not whacked in the 1st game? 2) waiver wire guys find new life 3) Scheifflie goes nuts. If those things don't happen are they still in it? pretty hard to say, but there's certainly room for doubt. Now having said that, they are playing a great neutral zone game, and thats certainly something we can emulate with the right coaching direction.
  7. every one of the major GM or president hires has been given a lot of rope, sometimes maybe too much. Thats why I'm glad the Sedins are taking this approach, and learning things from the ground up, it just sets them up for success down the road.
  8. I don't think they are going to get it. If you trade away your best young C and Eichel turns out to be damaged goods, you team is screwed. Its a fireable mistake for a GM.
  9. thats just not going to happen in todays flat cap world. Add to that the injury uncertainly. A deep team could maybe come up with the 1st, two roster guys and one prospect but I wouldn't want it to be the Canucks. I'd want that 1st to be next years too, and contingent on Eichels health. If he doesn't play say 50 games then it would be a 2nd.
  10. it was the suggestion that Aqulini wanted Willie D that blew it. I'm very happy with what I'm hearing out of the Sedins today, they are doing this the right way. Even with "meddling".
  11. well if thats the case, then I know for sure he doesn't have inside info.
  12. cool story, bud. I highly doubt you have any inside info on what Aqulini does.
  13. no its not. There's a far better case to be made they give their GMs a ton of leeway and support. uh huh. Documented by who, Sekeres?
  14. sure but you have to like several guys at the price to move up to 6. Not sure its really worth it, or why Stevie Y does it just for a 2nd and spare parts. That doesn't seem like nearly enough.
  15. I believe this is Aqulini thinking long term. The Sedins actually wanting to learn the business properly is a godsend, and they wouldn't be involved in some fluff PR move. Give these guys a coupe of years to learn how the team functions and then look at bigger roles for them. I think they'd be great co-presidents setting the vision and tone for the team. I don't see them as hard nosed GM types, but I do think they'd know how to hire a good one. Coaches as well.
  16. I feel like as fans in general people have become too impatient with young defensemen. It takes years to learn that side of the game and not be a liability from time to time.
  17. huh. Was just catching up on some of the highlights, If we can learn to take over the middle of the ice like this our team might go places.
  18. I know what you're saying but 9 AAV for Dougie would be a mistake, same for Jones. Thats why any deal for OEL has to include retention, that AAV has to be under 7 to justify the move, imo.
  19. hard to say, I don't know why anyone who hates so many things about a team would spend so much time on it.
  20. I think this is where people lose me on the Aquilini meddling theories. I would bet the farm that Aqua had no idea who Willie D was.
  21. My dad passed away in January so I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I guess one thing that helps is realizing that the chances of you actually coming into existence is so remote, that its good to celebrate having been here. If you did the math on the probabilities for all the things that had to occur for you to be alive, its astronomical. So when you look at it that way, you can be happy about the opportunity. You can dive into many religious, philosophical and scientific ideas on why what we experience isn't "the end" of even the sum of what we really are. T
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