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  1. 'merican GMs and owners love the guy though. Even more now in all likelihood, as he'll clearly cover their asses.
  2. some teams are more equal than others in Gary's NHL, thats for sure. I guess the scumbag (Bowman) won't be in the NHL anymore, so I guess thats something. What a weasel statement out of him too.
  3. that fine is a joke, means nothing if its not attached to a cap consequence, and even then its no big deal for where that team is at. Bettman has,, and is doing the bare minimum.
  4. I'm assuming a AM extension would be part of it. Local boy, franchise player for 10 years. Makes sense to me.
  5. they could rebuild pretty quickly around AM, I think he'd attract a number of US free agents to the team. Plus AZ could do it correctly and not have the salary issues TO does. All depends on the rebuild timing. If its 4-5 years all via drafting AND development, JC will be gone by then anyway.
  6. I don't think AM walks from his home town team tho.
  7. thats a mistake imo. Whats the chance any of those picks turn out to be as good a scorer as AM? Toronto otoh, are royally screwed the way they are constructed and the longer they wait the less return they get.
  8. if we started a go fund me, would you walk in to work wearing a Canucks jersey on game days?
  9. How can "doing it right" turn out so wrong? oh right, they are a pack of arrogant knobs that believe their own media BS. There's no choice, Matthews must go if they want to make a major change that brings in new young talent. Tavares and Marner are un-tradable. I think denial will keep anything major from happening until this off season. Reilly will walk as a UFA, gutting anything resembling offense from their back end, but that only opens up 5 mil which gets you a Poolman and a Stecher. Maybe they could move Nylander for nothing tor cap space, and that gives them 11 mil with Reilly's cap hit, but they can't really replace enough good young players with that cap space and also go out and improve the d group. AM to AZ for a crap ton of players and picks.
  10. Heiskanen might turn out to be a bit of a deal, compared to the other salaries above his, he's also maybe the most complete dman in the group. Garland in the F group could be more than full value as well.
  11. yup thats what I was thinking, the 2 year deal makes him very unlikely to be picked up.
  12. I guess thats the option? its sort of too bad, but depth is nice too.
  13. I like Rathbone much better than Hunt, and he is learning. Schenn might as well be in Abby its not like he's going to get any time, and we're at home for a long time too.
  14. yeah that was my concern, Green loves his guys having the same stick side.... it should be Schenn, I'd be OK with losing him tbh, he doesn't look like pre-cup Schenn.
  15. Burroughs has looked really good... Hamonic is a bit more physical but I'd really hate to lose Burroughs on waivers, he'd get picked for sure based on his start here.
  16. thats easy, its more "woke" to come to the (assumed) defence of trans people.
  17. I think whoever he's watching is in Edmonton.
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