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  1. what an idiot. Cutting off funding to WHO is just going to kill people. E.g, Ebola just popped up again in Congo. But those are "$&!#hole" countries, so doesn't matter to him anyway.
  2. its part of a large W.H.O. trial (along with 3 other drugs). The preliminary results of the SOLIDARITY trial should be out soon.
  3. I'm not advocating for Russia or China in any way, but this sort of thing only works on you if you're too lazy to think for yourself.
  4. its a pretty scary scenario. So many of them are just barely able to keep it together now. Its all crammed into a pretty small area, and those that live in the SRO's might even be at higher risk.
  5. On our local front, I'm hearing from a doc we know at VGH that the system is bracing for a rapid infux of DTES folks. Two floors of a VGH tower have been cleared in preparation for it. So far it hasn't happened but they are expecting the DTES to get hit hard
  6. I think its hard to argue otherwise, but why we didn't act 2-3 weeks earlier needs a lot of dissection. If we're just going to play the political blame game then who cares, we'll have learned nothing (but of course if there is criminal mismanagement that needs to be dealt with asap). At this point I think we can safety say the feds and most provinces didn't act soon enough. But we can also say once we did its a shining example of the feds and provinces working together, and we've managed to do pretty well all things considered.
  7. it does. A lot of the current tests have been fast tracked - so that means data on how effective the tests are isn't there in the same way as before. Tests have two big elements, how sensitive they are and how accurate they are. The current tests may not be sensitive enough and give a false reading of 'virus free' when you're really not, and that may only be for a small percentage of tests too. Accuracy can be off as well, so sometimes it detects virus, sometimes it doesn't, with the same person. This is the problem with rushing things, we risk bad data. I worked with
  8. doesn't that sound more like reactivation vs re-infection? it seems more like it can hang around an low enough levels the test isn't sensitive enough to get vs. getting it twice.
  9. sorry didn't mean to minimize anyone's experience, just point out that Chinese travel doesn't seem to be what has caused the biggest issues in Canada specifically.
  10. people complaining about the potential effect from Chinese travellers coming through Canada, most of those would have been via Vancouver. BC is doing quite well compared to most other major cities in north america. The biggest source we have is kids coming home to Quebec from Europe. So... facts.
  11. some people would probably run toward the fires thinking it would help. It wouldn't surprise me at all at this point.
  12. Tanev has certainly earned a NTC. This reminds me a lot of the decision to move on from Hamhuis, its a tough one. Tanev still has a ton of value but can we afford to keep him long term? I still think it might be Stecher thats on the bubble and is a casualty of the cap which is a shame since he plays with everything he's got.
  13. good example of why wearing masks when you're sick makes sense. Also, ick.
  14. we would only stop exporting to the US out of some sort of retaliation against Trump, but hopefully things don't get that far. Yup its nice to see AB put aside the politics and share the PPE for sure. Gives one hope.
  15. in Jacks case I could see personal reasons playing into it, with wanting to be close to his bro and wanting to be a support that way. I'm sure Boston would sign him in a heartbeat given the chance. I wouldn't begrudge the kid if being close to family was his main priority in where he played.
  16. how is that out of context? and there you go again with the definitive statements. I have many good conversions with people here. any who, I do agree that this line of discussion if pointless and am happy to stop when you are.
  17. Your words below champ, seems quite definitive and fully concluded. You're the one clinging to the need to be right, when a blanket statement like this can't be supported. Maybe its just not in your nature. Unfortunately, Canada will never be leaders in anything. It's not in our nature.
  18. your comment about Canadian leadership was pretty clear, but sure have a nice day too. Maybe you can do some reading on different types of leadership before making blanket comments about it, or consider how our industries represent us in to world too. Food for thought.
  19. what really bothers me is how Calgary manages to get three SW directions into one address.
  20. totally happy to keep it all over the Trump thread.
  21. thats great, then you should know the value of what we've done, whether its 1st or 2nd, etc. Being a leader isn't just about being first, its about how you choose to lead as well.
  22. honestly your constant apologizing for Trump is tiresome. Here's the actual timeline of WHO statements for people interested in facts, vs. fluffing Trump: https://www.who.int/news-room/detail/08-04-2020-who-timeline---covid-19
  23. uh oh. Mr. Fake news just made his own fake news.
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