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  1. I think the fact that there are other options led to his agent doing his fake pressure move this week. As if Jim's going to sign him pre-expansion draft Realistically this is another development year where we're a bubble playoff team. And thats just fine, the group needs that time to gel. Its funny that people point to Colorado and how we should be them but somehow skip over the development years part. So. no we don't need to go out and over spend in $ and term for Hamoic. If he wants to stay on a good deal thats great.
  2. we may just need to have a revolving door of RHD for Quinn until the right guy comes along via draft.
  3. that seems high to me, when you could probably get a guy like Ceci for ~2 mil. Yes he was often maligned in Ottawa, but he's been better since leaving there.
  4. Hyman should come in quite a bit cheaper than RNH tho, and Armia may not provide as much offence, but then again who knows once a guy moves teams. Hyman tho is 29 and maybe you don't get full value at the end of that deal.... its not easy. Safest bet tho is probably Armia in terms of value over the whole deal, so you could be right.
  5. @Alflives instead of Nuge, why not make a run at Hyman? I think he'd fit Green's game much better, he's good on either wing and brings some bite.
  6. I wonder if thats enough for CBJ.... I'd hate to lose Rathbone but from a hockey pov you do that deal all day assuming there's an extension in place. Don't want Nuge. He's Western Marner.
  7. thats pretty telling.... some not great decisions there. Bo is at the top of the list (from a good pov)
  8. the deal I'd want for Sammy is the 9th + Loui for SR. If not, its not worth it. But if we can replace Loui with Sammy thats a huge win, because we don't waste a year of Petey, Bo, Miller, Brock, etc's best years.
  9. oh for sure, that would be a fireable offence for me if Jim did that.
  10. thanks, so Domi would not meet that definition. But given his surgery he'd be exposed for sure imo.
  11. yeah the woo can be a bit much. No, no salt. Its not the kind of hate you carry, just bubbles up when I hear him speak.
  12. This story is pretty sad. I don't understand why Singh didn't do more to help her stay as an MP. Nunavut MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq says departure from Parliament not the end of her story https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/mumilaaq-qaqqaq-parliament-departure-1.6068711
  13. I hear you, I didn't want that guy anywhere near this team. Fits Calgary perfectly.
  14. Drouin for sure, I could see Seattle flipping Domi for a 2nd if they retain salary?
  15. not me. I can't stand their fans, particularly when they are in Rogers Arena signing their little 'ole song. An that arrogant GM. Je me souviens.
  16. How ridiculous. But i guess when you're a hammer everything looks like a nail.
  17. For sure. 9th and Loui for SR would be great for us. I really want to see us get an extra 2nd round pick - theres a few good RHDs there.
  18. Loui has to be part of it if they want the 9th. We just dont have the cap otherwise. Id love to see OJ and a 2nd but no way they take the lowball.
  19. I bet they leave Domi unprotected. He's not playing for 6 months minimum. But can you expose an inured player?
  20. Some folks over on HF Boards used to claim he was better than Demko....
  21. I like that plan but would like to see Sutter on a 1 year deal instead.
  22. SR is almost 5 years younger and a better goal scorer.... if you're going to spend the cap on someone you'd want to go SR over Toffoli wouldn't you? Also, how long are we going to play the "could have had Toffoli" game? rentals come and go. I'd prefer we spend the cap on a RHD upgrade but if Benning is determined to get another F I'd want SR over Toffoli hands down.
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