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  1. tbh I don't get all this fluff over Toffoli, its like he's the 2nd coming of Bure or something. I didn't care for him when he was with LA and the during the cup of coffee he had with us I didn't fall in love with him. He won't be able to sustain the weird north division production levels when things get back to normal, and we'll have cap space for areas of greater need like 3C or RHD.
  2. your Habs colours are showing. There isn't a GM in the league that would take Tatar over Miller.
  3. we don't "have to" but you want to because there's no point in signing a deal that Seattle might take from you. We're not going to protect any of those guys so they are already available to Seattle if they want them, Seattle can pick UFAs from us if they want to. Also depending on who Seattle takes that might open up other possibilities for us. The week after the ED could be quite interesting for us. If a player gets upset and wants to walk over us waiting to see how things shake out thats fine, we'll have other options.
  4. he's a solid player but any more than that and we have other options. Plus his agent is being a bit of a dingus, we're not signing a deal prior to Seattle's draft on July 21st and then there's a week to get something signed. So the fake pressure won't move the needle between now and then.
  5. I like him, but not if this turns into anything over 2.5 AAV and more than 2 years. Watch Treliving give him a 4 year deal now.
  6. I'd like to see 2.5 x 2. Any more and we can pick from other options or trade for Zadorov.
  7. A smaller, colder, dirtier Toronto that has train wreck owners and GMs. What's not to like?
  8. true, he does get a lot of that time. There's other players I'd want here a lot more for the 8 mil or so he'll probably get.
  9. What about Lind, Loui 50% retained, 9th oa, with the intention of Buffalo buying out Loui? basically they buy Lind
  10. no GM is going to make an offer sheet just to mess with our cap. I also doubt Seattle is all that focused on us. If Seattle is going to make a big offer sheet play, they'll go for Makar or Heiskanen assuming they don't want to build their team through the draft.
  11. I was trying to use the cap friendly calculator. But there's no way we don't match 7x7. Seattle would be doing us a favour if thats the sheet they put forward
  12. but you're presenting ideas we'd match, and the ones we wouldn't would be ridiculous for Seattle to make. I can't see Francis trading away their first ever pick, 2nd oa, and their 1st next year, for Petey to begin with. Which is an offer we'd match anyway. Makes no sense, amigo.
  13. we'd match that offer. Thats not going to happen. Seattle would have to offer 7.8 x 7 years, e.g. or 9.1 x 6 for that compensation to kick in. They'd have to go higher, i.e. 4 1sts. Why would Seattle risk hamstringing its own development like this, it doesn't make sense. What if Petey doesn't like it there as a UFA?
  14. I think in Russia its more like you let other people touch the door knobs. "Oh no, after you, I insist"
  15. I don't think he's a douchbag if he does it, its his life and he's a great kid. It would be a massive risk by Seattle tho, given the compensation involved.
  16. meh, so be it. Its a tiny risk given everything we actually know.
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