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  1. those stats only tell 1/2 the story. Those players goals against were all lower with Jake with them, and oisv% was better too. E.g. here's Jake with Bo: https://www.naturalstattrick.com/linestats.php?fromseason=20192020&thruseason=20192020&stype=3&sit=5v5&score=all&rate=n&team=VAN&vteam=ALL&view=wowy&loc=B&gpfilt=none&fd=2020-08-01&td=2020-09-28&tgp=2000&strict=incl&p1=8477937&p2=8477500&p3=0&p4=0&p5=0
  2. For the same money on a 1 year deal, would you want Soderberg or Leivo? 

    1. Coconuts


      Could be a cheaper fit if Sutter is indeed bought out 


      Isn't the window almost closed?

    2. Smashian Kassian
    3. JM_


      I think the buyout window for the Canucks begins today, and is 24 hours not 48 so we don't have long to wait to see if thats an option. 

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  3. oh come on man, don't you know that Calgary's dead cap money is more productive than our dead cap money? sheesh.
  4. Dog Mountain is really nice, might be a little icy now tho. Murrin Park just before Squamish has a great view at the top. Or for something totally different you can do the Iona Beach jetty walk, its 4km straight out into the ocean which is kind of neat.
  5. I'm curious how the $&!#ty jobs my grandparents had, or how my wife's parents $&!#ty jobs aren't as hard as his families $&!#ty jobs.
  6. "I work out with Tyler Myers every morning at his house, he has a gym," he said. "Mysie's a different animal in the gym. He trains really hard. I head over every morning and from the training to the eating habits and meal plans and the whole thing, we're both doing it together, which is pretty unreal. It's nice to have a teammate doing it with me." The two have evidently been getting closer over the offseason, with Myers showing Virtanenaround his adopted hometown — Myers played with the Kelowna Rockets in the WHL — and practically treating him like part of the family. "He's a busy m
  7. safe bet. Lucky for people like him that there are real scientists and doctors that don't have the same view of the world. They saved Trumps fat arse, you'd think that would help but nah.
  8. people didn't know about the long term effects of measles until it was too late for many kids. You know nothing about what the effects of covid might be on a kid years from now, no one does. For you to be flippant about kids getting it is irresponsible.
  9. love the idea of bringing in Gallant. Jim's old school, he's not going to "throw good money after bad" by adding significant sweeteners to move guys. Its a little frustrating given he gave out the deals. I liked hearing that Jake was working out with Myers, if he can be mentored by a guy like that it bodes well. IMO if Jake can show up looking like an athlete he might get more ice time early.
  10. really? you dont have any concerns about potential long term issues? you may want to look up the long term risk of measles e.g. Your lack of concern has no merit, you're winging it with your kids health.
  11. long shot for sure. But both Ottawa and Detroit and looking for projects. I could see Baer fitting in well in Detroit actually.
  12. its a rough year to try to make a comeback, you couldn't time an injury any worse. I'm sure he's in the "if we can" basket of players to sign, along with Fantenberg. Its just so hard to move salary. I guess they could move Sutter, but then we have to go out and get another C, not another winger so that doesn't help Leivo much.
  13. its all about the entertainment. The news stopped giving a $&!# about real issues years ago.
  14. The really important thing is, how does Jake's extension effect the Leafs? 

    1. JM_


      its like you've heard this before 

    2. Coconuts


      It also reflects the quality and integrity of the Leafs roster. Jake's a party boy who doesn't take his diet or training seriously, he's obviously not invested and now he's overpaid. Expect two or three articles about how the Virtanen signing exposes Benning's investment in flawed hockey players. I mean, he signed Loui who's flaw is that he's only willing to score most of his goals into empty nets so there's a track record. But expect any comments related to Leafs star Matthews not exposing Bening, just himself, to mysteriously vanish. 

    3. J.I.A.H.N


      Well, Jake is at Tyler Myer's house every day exercising


      so....either Jake is going to come to camp fit


      or.....Myers is coming to camp looking like a balloon




      I am worried! LOL

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  15. pretty significant implications for the hockey season. The NHL will continue its own testing as well so this should make a season much more possible.
  16. new 5 mil deal... hanging out in Kelowna.... pretty sure Jake will be doing just fine in that department this offseason.
  17. I think Leivo is looking elsewhere, or at least more places. I can see him slipping though the cracks unless some kind of move is coming in the next few days to move out salary. I do wonder if we'll see Baer and even Benn on waivers tomorrow, see if someone takes them for free.
  18. that actually is great news. Myers is probably a good influence for him.
  19. yup two good choices right there. If Canada does go with rapid testing at airports and waives the 14 day quarantine rule as is being rumoured, that really makes things interesting if Utica has a season. Probably not the news Loui wanted to hear....
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