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  1. Unless Petey is a great liar, he's happy here. Plus nothing is being "dragged out" they're working on the deal as we speak.
  2. many RFAs on all teams go though this risk, its not unique to us. But by Petey's own words, he's very happy here. There's no reason whatsoever to think he wants to go anywhere. But if Petey wants to sign one, there's nothing we can do about it. For us to not match, we're talking about 4 unprotected 1st round picks from an expansion team. If Seattle really wants Petey that bad it might be worth it.
  3. you mean the guy that was given two chances with the Sedins? two with Bo? not sent to the AHL like so many others in his free agent class? the guy that refused to go to play with McDavid? that guy? I'm curious how far you can move the goalposts on this one.
  4. you're suggesting Loui wasn't treated well, and thats just ridiculous. Your anti-Benning slant is getting in the way of the plain facts about Loui's time here.
  5. yeah like I said, you need to go look at the line stats: https://frozenpool.dobberhockey.com/players/Loui-Eriksson He had plenty of opportunity with the Sedins and Bo to make something lasting happen. You need to take off your Benning hate goggles for a moment. Loui has been treated very well, both within the Canucks organization and in comparison to other teams. We could have easily planted him in Utica for 3 years.
  6. you need to go back and check the line stats, he was given a lot of time with the Sedins and Bo. He couldn't produce. I think he needs to look at the reality of who he is, and how much he's benefited from this team. And how he's hurting the team next season. Anyone with a genuine sense of fairness would back away and go get at 35+ contract, like Spezza just did. Benning has treated Loui exceptionally well. Compare it to Ladd or Alzner, e.g.
  7. pretty nice way to earn 750,000. I don't think he cares at all about the money. just having fun. Loui should go do this for Dallas next season.
  8. I like that idea too potentially, depends on the deal of course but I'm sure Jones wants out. They'd have to retain a lot tho.
  9. sure, that makes sense. And if we miss the playoffs again, I'm sure Loui can take Petey out for a nice lunch somewhere.
  10. other players have done it. Yes ire is owed for Loui's part in the deal. He's taken 32 million in part with the understanding of good faith that there would have been some good return. Its been a disaster, no one can deny that. If Loui had the integrity of a Naslund, e.g., he'd terminate and let Barry go get him a 35+ deal with performance bonuses. Goodwill plays a big part in all contracts, and Loui has not lived up to that part of his deal.
  11. decent deal for us post-expansion. I'm not a big Kerfoot fan but he's a nice upgrade on almost anyone on our bottom 6.
  12. the whole thing stinks Newbie. I'd imagine super agent Barry thinks he can land Loui a league minimum + bonus deal if we buy Loui out. So why doesn't he just go do that then, and terminate the current deal? Barry helped to create such a lopsided deal its actually hurting his younger clients chances of being on a competitive team.
  13. its still a 4 mil cap hit tho. A buyout still leaves us with 4/6 mil cap hit this year and an additional 1 mil next. So +2 this year, -1 next year. Just park him in Abby, save 1.025 and forget about him.
  14. I don't want him bought out and see his salary on the books for even more time. I think the CBA allows it, we should loan him to the NYI Bridgeport team and get Ladd into Abby. I'm sure we can flip NYI a 7th round pick for their trouble for "future considerations".
  15. If he wants that then he has to be looking at 2 mil or less on 1 year deals. We can't afford to give him a 35+ contract with term. This is exactly the kind of mistake Jim has to stop making.
  16. Barry actually laughs when Dhaliwal brings up Loui. What a dick.
  17. Year 1: 1. Use our 9th for McTavish. If he's gone, look at possibly moving down to shed salary and collect an extra second, but if not go BPA with who's left. See if we can move Lind for a 2nd. 2. Loui in Abby. Let him sit in #1 traffic for a year. Lets not prolong this with a buyout. 3. Buy out Jake, his is the only one that makes real sense. 4. Bridge for Petey, long term with Hughes if he's willing to go under 7 AAV. Otherwise bridge for both. 5. Target the best bottom 6 C UFA we can with the cap remaining. 6. Hamonic 2.5 x 2. Edler 2 mil 1 year.
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