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  1. no not in that context, CM is a far better defensive player than those two. But they are all overpaid.
  2. good for Bill. Prince Willy can go kick rocks, he has no imagination, nor does he speak from any sort of earned pov.
  3. its the algorithmic programming of anger in people thats got to stop. Some people just can't handle social media and what it can do to them. I think its not unlike drugs or booze in some ways.
  4. what would concern me the most is his durability - he hasn't had a season without significant injury time. So can he keep up his 5 on 5 play without risking injuries? dunno, I guess we'll find out. For this kind of money, I'd want a bit more than really good 5 on 5 play, I'd want a size advantage, more PP scoring, etc. But this seems to be the season to go big on dmen. I'd take him over Nurse all day tho.
  5. we need to start regulating social media, its bringing us to scary new lows.
  6. 9.5 million per year for a player thats never had a full season or topped 32 points. Holy crackers. He's a good player, but he's not Hedman.
  7. I'm not sure exactly, all I know is the onus is on gun owners to convince the non-gun owners about safety. That may not be fair, but its the reality of the situation. I know that the fake political fighting isn't helping anyone but the politicians. All the CPC and gun lobby have done is make things worse and even more dug in on all sides, and the Lib's actually haven't got anything done on the file yet. Gun owners need to take the high road and try to come out with better education, somehow. I would think trying to lead the way in better gun laws that are focused on everyone's safety would be the place to start. I remember arguing with someone on here about the murders that took place in NS recently, and how there were reports by credible people that the shooter had a potentially illegal stockpile. I think we need to change the laws to allow police to follow up on that kind of info, but the person arguing against that thought it shouldn't be allowed. If gun owners can figure out an approach to things like this that would go a long way to helping everyone.
  8. I don't think you understand what your position means. Lets try it this way. Do you think its OK for an un-vaccinated person to work in a long term care facility?
  9. its all part of Lucky's plan to take over.
  10. Ottawa spanking the Leaf's makes me happy. 

    1. Chickenspear


      Can't wait to see my leafs fan co-worker tomorrow!::D

    2. Devron44


      And I like the Sens to boot. Win win 

  11. what do you think your stance results in? have you thought about it at all?
  12. for sure this was to not overwhelm the kid with McDavid in the 3rd period of his 1st game ever. Checked the shift chart, and VP was out for 3 shifts in the 3rd, so not stapled to the bench. Burroughs, Dowling and Rahbone got the same treatment.
  13. So you say you're not anti-vax, yet you support a system that lets people be anti-vax. You seem to care more about their jobs than other peoples lives. Not cool from a christian pov. Its been a while since I attended church, but I'm right on that one.
  14. Is a Swedish goon called a Joon? Bad play, not a dirty player, but that was really dangerous and not necessary. Should have been more.
  15. for me there were a lot more +'s than -'s last night
  16. if there was a vaccine to prevent abortion, I bet you'd be pushing for that to be mandatory.
  17. could do a lot worse than this is Sutter gets healthy: Lockwood-Dickie-Podz Sutter-Lammikko-Motte
  18. I think he's our next Motte.
  19. yeah but he's 6 lbs 4 oz smaller than average so he sux.
  20. that was the only hole in his game in camp.
  21. I think they call it "passionate" if it were me, I'd rather be in a place willing to burn its downtown down than be the 5th sport in some US state.
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