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  1. that was the only hole in his game in camp.
  2. I think they call it "passionate" if it were me, I'd rather be in a place willing to burn its downtown down than be the 5th sport in some US state.
  3. I'd be happy with that top 6 for sure. OK no panic then.
  4. I wouldn't set your hair on fire just yet. One benefit of the approach is Hog's was utilized all over the place last night and created some great chances, if he's just stuck with Bo's line e.g., maybe he see's fewer chances? what line would you see him on? does he bump Brock to the 3rd line? not likely. Was he really better than Garland? too soon for this kind of panic imo.
  5. McBaby isn't tough enough to get away with that kind of crap. He might find himself on the receiving end of some nasty slashes to the wrist or a spear if he keeps it up.
  6. was that in Victoria or up island?
  7. Chaisson is a filler for Brock, that didn't cost a 2nd and prospect this time. If nothing else, he is good in front of the net. But have to disagree on Hog's use. Garland and Bo look great together, and Pearson and Bo are also a good tandem. Hog's giving the 3rd line an offensive threat is a weapon we've wanted on our 3rd line for a long time. I'm sure I've seen comments from you about how good teams have depth including 3rd line scoring.
  8. its just another example to me of why BC needs a single health authority for stuff like this. My daughter is in retail in Vancouver and has been tested 5 times now, each time we had an answer within 24 hours, often a lot less.
  9. yeah I think you'd get support on that 9/10 times here. I would think likely a mid-season coaching change is the most likely, but Green coached a good game last night so we don't need to rush into that.
  10. good one. I'm not slamming Linden. But there was something off with the combo of he and Jim together. Add to that a doomed from the start re-jiggy and yeah, something had to give.
  11. I'm surprised Island Health isn't better on this. Good luck to you, and thanks for doing the right thing.
  12. it just always keeps coming down to this. The anti-vaxxers don't want to live the consequences of their choices. They're cowards.
  13. I know, just tweaking you a bit. He had a weird camp, plus Petey's timing is off too, so I can why he was off a bit. Still had 22 minutes tho.
  14. its really more like a 6 year deal, as he'll pull a Seth Jones in the last year of it. But good for Ottawa to retain their drafted talent, otherwise all that grief was for nothing.
  15. you need to check the Edmonton boards, they are under the impression McBaby is the constant victim.
  16. what was up with your boy Miller last night ? dude had the yips.
  17. Podz did play well. I need to check the shift chart from last night, but I thought Green handled his 1st game well. You don't want to overwhelm him vs. McDavid on his first night and he played well and was noticeable, and didn't make any big errors. Haven;t seen speed and puck movement this good by the entire team in a long time.
  18. but we've already surpassed Lowe. Since the Linden split, the team has been going the right way on hone grown prospects. We should have over 10 players in the lineup next year that we drafted and developed.
  19. why would I leave a major factor out of it? its just a fact, some people are using religion to justify not getting the shot.
  20. I think he's a kid who has someone influential in his life thats an anti-vaxxer. I actually feel sorry for him.
  21. but he is responsible and a scoring threat. If he ends up matched up vs EDMs bottom 6 he might get some nice chances.
  22. give him 1 game at least before rolling out the complaints.
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