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  1. the whole thing stinks Newbie. I'd imagine super agent Barry thinks he can land Loui a league minimum + bonus deal if we buy Loui out. So why doesn't he just go do that then, and terminate the current deal? Barry helped to create such a lopsided deal its actually hurting his younger clients chances of being on a competitive team.
  2. its still a 4 mil cap hit tho. A buyout still leaves us with 4/6 mil cap hit this year and an additional 1 mil next. So +2 this year, -1 next year. Just park him in Abby, save 1.025 and forget about him.
  3. I don't want him bought out and see his salary on the books for even more time. I think the CBA allows it, we should loan him to the NYI Bridgeport team and get Ladd into Abby. I'm sure we can flip NYI a 7th round pick for their trouble for "future considerations".
  4. If he wants that then he has to be looking at 2 mil or less on 1 year deals. We can't afford to give him a 35+ contract with term. This is exactly the kind of mistake Jim has to stop making.
  5. Barry actually laughs when Dhaliwal brings up Loui. What a dick.
  6. Year 1: 1. Use our 9th for McTavish. If he's gone, look at possibly moving down to shed salary and collect an extra second, but if not go BPA with who's left. See if we can move Lind for a 2nd. 2. Loui in Abby. Let him sit in #1 traffic for a year. Lets not prolong this with a buyout. 3. Buy out Jake, his is the only one that makes real sense. 4. Bridge for Petey, long term with Hughes if he's willing to go under 7 AAV. Otherwise bridge for both. 5. Target the best bottom 6 C UFA we can with the cap remaining. 6. Hamonic 2.5 x 2. Edler 2 mil 1 year.
  7. a change I'd make in year 1 of this is put Loui in Abby and use the 1 mil to bring in an actual 4th line C.
  8. doesn't appear so. Even Power is considering another college year.
  9. Naslund did. I do agree with this, I'd rather not push his salary into another year down the road. Just be done with this disaster asap. I know Benning wants to be aggressive but I have my doubts that anyone is going to take Loui off our hands, and we'll just have to ride this out one more year.
  10. it really is a toughie. As far as Louie goes, I listened to his agent on the Donne and Dhali show yesterday and when Loui's future was brought up he laughed so pretty sure no retirement is happening there, he's going to syphon off every last dime of that contract. I don't know how the guy can not feel some kind of shame but it is what it is. For me if we're actually going to move the 9th this year it has to be in a deal that takes this cap off our books, otherwise I'd just rather wait Loui out and keep the pick.
  11. I like this one too. Don't even have to wait for draft day.
  12. the CBA seems to allow it. I doubt Jim uses that option but I guess its something that they can consider. Maybe swap some other teams dead cap with our dead cap. Ladd e.g. might be pretty happy to be in Abby closer to family.
  13. why doesn't the super agent find a new home for his star client, Loui E? then we'd have cap space for two long term deals.
  14. @mll Can a player be loaned to another AHL team? do players have any say in where they are sent?
  15. sure but the problem is we don't have the cap for that, or Jim goes ahead with it anyway and then tries to clear the cap space.... but other GMs will be salivating. I just don't see how we make any significant move that doesn't involve moving cap either before or as part of a deal. E.g., Sam Reinhart - they pretty much have to take Loui if they want the 9th oa. I think it would be dumb for them not to do that, no one would give them a higher pick for Sam. But GMs don't like to fix other peoples problems too often.
  16. he doesn't have to retire, just terminate his current deal. If he really wants to play, he can pick up a league min + bonus deal, maybe from Dallas or even Detroit. There's a thing called 'good faith' as part of negotiations and he has not lived up to that part.
  17. too much for us. He needs a partner we don't have and our d is already an adventure in our own end.
  18. dunno, seems risky to me to lose Myers as the first step. You may end up with a right side of Bowey, Chatfield and Woo.
  19. sure but do you take the risk of losing Myers to expansion before trading for Risto and re-signing Hamonic? I don't think Jim does.
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