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  1. Evolving Hockey has Seattle picking Holtby. 





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    2. EternalCanuckFan


      @Where's Wellwood Yeah, I didn't realize VGK was exempt until I re-read the rules recently.  I would otherwise agree that Fleury (whom I assume would be exposed since he only has one year left) would be more attractive an option than Holtby.


      Allen (whom I agree is an attractive G option) and Holtby are exactly the goalies EH has projected the Kraken selecting and I think that's a pretty good tandem for them to start with.  They could also go after whichever CBJ goalie is made available instead of Holtby, but personally I think there really is a strong chance that Holtby is selected (which would be great for the Canucks' cap situation).


      Of course, things could change significantly in the next week if teams start to make major moves.

    3. 4petesake


      I actually think there is a fair chance they take Holtby and Allen. Holtby has an expiring contract and if I’m not mistaken Vegas took quite a few expiring contracts when they didn’t have a clear-cut choice. Does Seattle have an agreement in place to put prospects who don’t make the team? If not this might be another reason to take him.

    4. -AJ-


      I would be stunned tbh. I think there could be several better options.

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