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  1. So all Seattle came away with extra out of the ED was one 2022 4th? wow.

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    2. JM_


      Its hard to believe that they wouldn't have taken at least one single year dead cap contract for a 2nd. It would sting but I can't believe Loui isn't worth that to them, they could have turned that into a RHD in 3-4 years. 

    3. Johnny Torts

      Johnny Torts

      I think Benning is holding on to that 2nd right now, or it seems like Loui wouldve been moved already.

    4. Quantum


      Seattle should've hired Mike Gillis/Laurence Gilman to run the team instead of Ron Francis. They'd have made more interesting moves. Kraken fans are gonna be disappointed when this team doesn't make the playoffs out of the gate.


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