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  1. I know most conservatives don't think this way, but why are they letting people like this run their political parties?
  2. desperately looking for the next Jim bashing thing. Its like herpes, they can't shake the negativity.
  3. I'm looking at capfriendly and its saying 6 seasons of EK including this one at 11.5 If they don't want to bleed picks, I just can't see how they are able to keep Hertl and Meier. If they are committed to a true rebuild, those guys need to be converted into 1st rounders. that does seem like a very Bergevin move tbh. SJ could take Webers deal back and use the LTIR. that'll be interesting, I don't see anything other than moving Hertl and Meier and just going full tank but I'd like to see what you think is possible. But if SJS GM can pull it off without losing picks he deserves GM of the year.
  4. those lists will have to expand. Maybe Arizona? then can re-name the team The Expendables.
  5. who? Bonino? Outside of Hertl I don't see anyone but Meier, which would really signal a total implosion if they moved him too. without giving up picks I don't see them moving any of their big dollar deals. The players are all too old.
  6. nice thing is it looks like Burroughs is the real thing, and is a nice backup option when any of our right side d go down to injury.
  7. this seems more and more likely. Jim's been pretty firm in his support. I'm sure the players appreciate seeing that.
  8. Kane is a buyout for sure. Trade Hertl for that 1st. Man thats about it, then just suck for 3 more years.
  9. thats going to be very hard to do. 6 season of Logan Couture at 8 mil until he's 38. Burns 4 seasons at 8 mil. EK 11.5 for 6 seasons. None of that is movable while keeping picks. Hertl is a UFA next season, maybe they can move him for a 1st this trade deadline.
  10. for sure they guy is a legit 1D, or very soon will be. I also have no doubt he benefited by having OEL around for a lot of his development time. OEL's biggest issue was being a veteran player on a trash team. JC's only 23, but he'll also want to start seeing some real results too, otherwise he's going to be wanting out as well sooner than later.
  11. sounds like a complete imbecile
  12. or maybe it was mutually beneficial? you keep pushing the idea that only one of the players could benefit, but they both did by being on the same top 4.
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